Lauds Megan Srinivas

To the editor:

I’ve known Megan Srinivas for a long time, since she was a child.

She is a chronic high achiever, having graduated from Harvard and University of Iowa Medical School, with a residency at Johns Hopkins in internal medicine, and fellowship in Infectious disease at the University of North Carolina. She was the first high hchool student (at Fort Dodge Senior High) in Iowa to be named by the gGovernor to the Iowa State Board of Education.

She is also a delightful woman with a striking personal warmth. She is a graceful speaker with a quick and formidable mind. She will be a great addition to the state Legislature, and she will represent her district with a passion borne of her commitment to serve her hometown both as a doctor and a legislator.

Without hesitation, I recommend Megan as the best choice for state representative in District 9. She’s ready to serve. She will be, as always, outstanding in every way.

Dave Hearn

Fort Dodge