Saving Social Security shouldn’t be political kryptonite

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During my first term in the U.S. Senate, Congress and the White House tackled what then-House Speaker Tip O’Neill had dubbed the third rail of politics: Social Security. That’s because those who spoke up about Social Security’s finances invariably learned the topic was political ...

There’s no such thing as ‘canceling’ student-loan debt

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Personal responsibility and accountability are virtues fundamental to any functioning society. Everyone makes decisions based on different goals and aspirations, and we are all ultimately responsible for the choices that we make. Yet, contrary to common sense, President Biden has decided that ...

Officials’ DC trip is worthwhile


Visiting Washington, D.C. is always a fascinating experience. The Capitol, the White House, the Supreme Court building, the towering Washington Monument and even the cherry trees surrounding the Tidal Basin make the city a unique place. And within that place, history is made every day and has ...

Offers suggestion for Dodger Stadium

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: I have great memories of the old locker room at the stadium in the ’70s. The field, track and baseball field are the best in state, maybe the whole Midwest. Here’s my problem. I see we are finally going to upgrade the locker rooms, lunch and snack bar for games, and front ...

Lawmakers near the end of the 2024 session

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We have just finished the last full week of the 2024 Legislative Session. Our last day is next Tuesday. I do not believe we will be well and truly done. There is optimistic speculation that we might make it by the end of next week, but we will just have to wait and see. I’m writing this ...

Fur Ball is Saturday at FD Ford Toyota


It would be hard to imagine our society without pets. Dogs and cats contribute wonderfully to the happiness and well-being of people of all ages. In a perfect world, every pet would at all times be a welcome and loved part of someone’s home. Unfortunately, reality falls short of that ...