Corn still fuels Iowa economy


Corn production has been a key factor in the Iowa economy for more than 150 years. The state's 21st-century economy is characterized by increasing diversity. Agriculture isn't as dominant as once was the case. Even so, there can be little doubt that corn remains of critical importance. The ...

Working on mental health, childcare issues


Week 2 was a short week as we celebrated Martin Luther King Day on Monday. I was happy to join a Zoom call on Monday evening coordinated by Sherry Washington, and including wonderful remarks from Jane Burleson and Julia Naylor, two leaders in Fort Dodge’s African-American community. Their ...

Progress 2022 sections begin today


As the holiday season draws to a close each year, The Messenger’s writing staff embarks on a challenging adventure — producing a comprehensive look at how a wide array of developments in our region are shaping tomorrow. While every issue of this newspaper is filled with articles, features ...

How a bill becomes law

Local Columns

The following is a quick rundown of the process a bill must go through during the session. Any legislator can have a bill drafted. Once the bill is drafted, they are delivered to the representative for final signature and approval, after which the bill is sent back to the Chief Clerk’s ...

It’s time to honor a local leader


Do you know anyone who has worked hard, perhaps out of the public view, to make Fort Dodge and Webster County a better place to live, work and play? If so, a unique opportunity to honor them is at hand. The Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance is seeking nominees for its Catalyst ...

Mental health bills introduced by Meyer should be passed


Thousands of Iowans suffer every day from the hidden pain that is mental illness. Many suffer in silence; a few are driven to the extreme action of taking their own life. All those who are afflicted with mental illness deserve the best care that modern medicine can provide. Sometimes, perhaps ...