Fort Dodge needs new pickleball courts


Sending what looks like a wiffle ball back and forth over a net by hitting it with solid paddles is the heart of the sport of pickleball. It’s a little like tennis, or perhaps some oversized version of ping pong. And it is rapidly growing in popularity. There is a growing number of ...

Marshals declare Frontier Days success

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: Frontier Days was a very memorable weekend for us. We enjoyed being part of the three-day event. All the activities were well attended by large crowds. Many thanks to Terry Cook and his Frontier Days team for a job well done. Thanks again to Shimkat Motor Co. for ...

Blanden Memorial Art Museum is a local treasure


Area residents have the opportunity to see all kinds of wonderful art by big names like Picasso close to home. They can also learn how to paint with water colors or make ceramic artwork without traveling far. Those kinds of experiences are usually found in big city museums. But thanks to ...

Enjoy Lehigh River Days


The usually quiet city of Lehigh promises to be a hotbed of activity this coming weekend. That’s because it is time for the Lehigh River Days celebration. This will be the 40th celebration. The action actually starts on Friday with the return of glow-in-the -dark volleyball, which ...

Volunteers make it happen


For a few hours Saturday night, Fort Dodge was the heart of rock and roll for Iowa. Some 5,700 people gathered at Harlan and Hazel Rogers Sports Complex to hear Bret Michaels, Molly Hatchet and Lone Tree Revival. It was show full of energy and showmanship. The always enthusiastic Michaels ...

Wants better care for homeless veterans

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: As I reflect on the past Memorial Day, as a daughter, sister, and wife of veterans, who proudly served our country, what I don’t understand is this. We have veterans living under bridges, or in squalor, in filth in a corner of a city street. In need of food, water, medicine, ...