Shop locally this holiday season

Local Columns

With the holiday shopping season upon us, there are a number of things we should be appreciative of, but also aware of. The Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance is proud of our members and the strength they bring to the area. Most goods and services we need are available within our region. In ...

Let us give thanks


Sometimes in America, it seems as if we actually enjoy advertising our trials and difficulties. And, yes, we have had plenty of them this year. There really were trying times in the early days of our nation also. That is why America’s first formal Thanksgiving observance had far more ...

Service clubs say thank you

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Fareway of Fort Dodge for hosting our 2021 Service Clubs United Foodraiser. Without Fareway opening their doors on a Sunday afternoon, this event would not have been possible. They were very gracious and ...

‘Thankfulness is the quickest way to joy’

Local Columns

I see and hear UnityPoint Health’s tagline, “Know how much you matter to this world” many times a week and to be honest, after a while, I don’t always notice it. Yet, as I started to prepare my annual message for Thanksgiving, this phrase has never been louder to me. Over the past ...

Worried about safety on Highway 20

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: We are writing this with great concerns over the changes that occurring on Highway 20 and Poplar Avenue. We realize that the truckstop and the R cut road have been approved, (against the recommendation of the zoning board and concerned citizens), but with the 44 acre warehouse ...

Sock drive will warm the hearts and toes of many


Nothing feels better on your feet than dry, clean socks. And that is really true at this chilly time of the year when socks keep the toes and feet warm. For lots of folks, getting socks is no problem. For others, it may be a real problem. Kendra Ollinger is there to help those who struggle ...