Offers suggestion for Dodger Stadium

To the editor:

I have great memories of the old locker room at the stadium in the ’70s. The field, track and baseball field are the best in state, maybe the whole Midwest.

Here’s my problem. I see we are finally going to upgrade the locker rooms, lunch and snack bar for games, and front entrance.

I would like to see it placed on north of bleachers between baseball and football fields. That way football in fall, track, soccer and baseball teams could change, use to warm up and change into proud Fort Dodge uniforms. Also umpires and officials could use.

Another concern is the new entrance. Is it going to have security checkpoints coming into Dodger Stadium? If located between football and baseball fields, could use same security system. Is the new entrance safe? For the next 40 years are the great Dodger fans going to be safe?

Put a statue of Sam Moser where the old locker rooms are and use common sense and let all sporting teams use new facility in middle of great Dodger Stadium. Go Dodgers.

James Peterson



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