Promotes awareness of bleeding disorders

To the Editor:

March is Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month. Throughout the month,the United States Inheritable Blood and Bleeding Disorders Community ,will be starting the conversation to inspire national conversations around these rare conditions that affect thousands of patients and families nationwide. Bleeding Disorders has been observed since 2016 after being designated as a national health observance by The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Prior to BDAM, March was known as, “Hemophilia Awareness Month” — proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in March 1986.

Inheritable blood and bleeding disorders can present from a genetic mutation, or a random mutation. Conditions like hemophilia, von Willebrand’s disease, sickle cell disease, rare platelet disorders or factor deficiencies and others,can be extraordinarily challenging to manage day-to-day, as well as quite expensive. It’s important to raise the profile of these chronic conditions faced by people in our very own community.

Everyone– whether a patient, caregiver,loved one, or advocate- deserves accessible support and resources unique to them. Talk about it, share, and learn from one another, Start the conversation.about bleeding disorders.

We can and must create more affordable and accessible treatments for the inheritable blood and bleeding disorders community by raising awareness and providing education. I hope you publish this letter to join me and many others right here in Iowa to help start this important conversation. By raising our voices, we can have an impact, together.

To get more information about how to make a difference, visit the Iowa Chapter, Bleeding Disorders of the Heartland at www.bdheartland.org.

Thank you!

Deb Raymond



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