Fears jurors not impartial for Trump trial

To the editor:

Anyone who’s been summoned to jury duty knows they question you about any prejudices you might have that may sway your judgment. They will drop you in a heartbeat if they believe something keeps you from basing your verdict on only facts and evidence. The Senate impeachment trial already has the jurors picked by you the voters. The jurors will be asked take an oath from a chief justice. I’d like to report a crime to the American people. Lindsey Graham is going to commit perjury the second he’s sworn in to be an impartial juror. Apparently he thinks he’s above the law, too. The trial boils down to one thing. Do you want a dictator or a democracy? The Constitution is clear on the abuse of power. Senators pledge to honor the Constitution not the president. If you trust they will consider facts and evidence, fine. If not, get on the phone to your United States senator and find out why not.

Dave Haynes



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