Democrats are the ones obstructing

To the editor:

Democrat Representative Adam Schiff insisted for over two years that he had “direct evidence” of Trump’s interference in the 2016 election, evidence that he has never produced nor did Special Counsel Robert Mueller after a two-year investigation. Schiff is noticeably in the news again. To Schiff and the Democrats in Congress everyone, past and present, in the Trump administration is guilty of obstruction (yet to be proven), be it obstructing Mueller’s investigation of interference or obstruction of the now full-speed-ahead impeachment inquiry (impeachment being a topic for another day).

The Democrats need not look far for evidence of obstruction. Some judges (most likely Democrats) have been known to release illegal immigrant criminals rather than hold them for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. In September a Fairfax County, Virginia, police officer was suspended for alerting ICE he was detaining a driver involved in a traffic accident who failed to report to his deportation hearing. Fairfax County authorities say the officer violated policy, a policy of obstruction that the officer chose to violate to enforce the law to protect his community. The officer received “remedial” training and returned to work. In late September the mayor of Chicago directed the Chicago police to not assist any ICE agents in the apprehension of illegal immigrants. The mayor also stated that ICE is a racist organization, which presumably includes the black and Hispanic agents (those Democrats just love to use the race card). If my memory is correct the mayor of Oakland, California, went so far as to state that she (or her office) would alert residents of any planned ICE actions against them, which of course would alert illegal immigrants.

There you go Democrats. There is obstruction of justice right in front of you. The mayors of Chicago and Oakland are obstructing justice, as are any governing official of any city, state, or county that approves offering a sanctuary to illegal immigrants. They are jeopardizing the lives of the ICE agents and the safety of their residents. Democrats want Republicans to be held accountable, but not any Democrat offering sanctuary, the direct result of which has been instances of violent crimes committed against those entitled to protection.

Chuck Peterson

Fort Dodge


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