Webster County Museum board seeks public’s help finding new building

To the editor:

The board of the Webster County Museum are inviting all the citizens of the county to a open forum to discuss the future of the museum. This meeting will be on Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the VFW in Fort Dodge. There will be someone at the meeting who can give you a lot of the information about how important it is to keep the history of the county alive for the future generations. What a teaching tool it would be for the students to tour and see firsthand the exhibits.

So much of the history will be lost when is closed for good if we do not get another building in Fort Dodge. The board was hoping and praying that we could find a building to house all the items that is the history of Webster County.

I am in favor of keeping the history of Floyd the Pig. Not sure how many people would see at the location that was suggested. It would be great if we could join forces and have both housed in the same place. More people would see Floyd along with all the historical items housed in Otho in a building that is in horrible shape.

Please stop in at the VFW at 518 S. 19th St. and give us your input. I see the great good being done by organizations in and around the area raising money for different causes. Please put the museum on your list when you are considering what charities your organizations will be giving to.

Jeanette Balint

Fort Dodge