If you eat or wear clothes, thank a farmer

To the editor:

In honor of our farmers who provide the food and fiber that helps feed and clothe our nation we celebrate National Ag Week during the week of March 10-15.

Today’s farmers can produce more with less thanks in part to precision (GPS) agriculture, improved seed genetics and the like. As Americans we enjoy the safest most affordable food supply in the world, which translates to having more disposable income to spend on other household expenses, travel and other non-essential luxury items.

Perhaps forgotten in all this is the economic contribution agriculture provides to our local economy. According to the 2012 Census Data, in Webster County agriculture and ag related industries provide 4895 jobs or approximately 21.4 percent of all employment. In other more non-rural counties the percentage of employment is much greater.

So, the next time you sit down to enjoy a meal or put on that new pair of blue jeans, remember the farmer who made it all possible.

Donald P. Christopherson