Final lap

-Messenger photo by Britt Kudla Fort Dodge 4A State Qualifier are left to right, front Row: Aidan Simonson, Trey Mosley, Tyler Schreier, Brycen Bell, Luke Jacobson Back Row: Mason Bodholdt, Lucas Williamson, Trey Kasperbauer, Asle Thorson, Anthony Wagner

DES MOINES — A year after getting completely shut out of the state meet, the Fort Dodge boys track team will send four relays to Drake Stadium beginning this Thursday.

The Dodgers will compete in the sprint medley, 4×200, shuttle hurdle and 4×100 relays against the best of the best in Class 4A.

Seniors Trey Mosley and Luke Jacobson are on three of the four relays, as are sophomore Brycen Bell and ninth-grader Tyler Schreier. Trey Kasperbauer, Anthony Wagner, Asle Thorson and Lucas Williamson comprise the shuttle hurdle.

After standout seasons on the football field and basketball court, Mosley is ready to hit the blue oval for one final time.

“This means so much to me right now because it’s the last event that I’ll ever compete in as a Dodger,” Mosley said. “I believe we can compete in all our events and I have high expectations for the team to bring home a medal.”

A future Grand View University football player, Mosley is also focusing on helping ease the nerves of the underclassmen set to run.

“Having fun, making them laugh and enjoying the moment,” Mosley said. “Doing that should bring some stress off their shoulders for the big stage.”

Jacobson, Mosley, Bell and Schreier posted a 1:35.17 at districts to set another school record in the event. The 4×200 came in at 1:31.50 and the 4×100 posted a 44.08. Earlier this year, the 4×100 ran a 43.94.

“Finishing my Dodger athletic career this weekend is crazy to me,” said Jacobson, who will play football at Buena Vista University in the fall. “Being a Dodger has been a huge part of my life and I thank my coaches, family and everyone else that helped make it that way.”

The shuttle hurdle relay features all underclassmen, as Kasperbauer, Wagner and Williamson are juniors, with Thorson a 10th-grader. They went a seasons-best 1:01.54 at districts.

Senior Aidan Simonson, junior Mason Bodholdt, sophomore Tyrese McCaleb and freshman James Daniel are alternates.



Fort Dodge — 4×100-meter relay (Tyler Schreier, Luke Jacobson, Brycen Bell, Trey Mosley); 4×200-meter relay (Tyler Schreier, Luke Jacobson, Brycen Bell, Trey Mosley); Shuttle hurdle relay (Trey Kasperbauer, Anthony Wagner, Asle Thorson, Lucas Williamson); Sprint medley relay (Luke Jacobson, Trey Mosley, Brycen Bell, Tyler Schreier).


Humboldt — Jamison Heinz, 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash, long jump; Denny Pederson, 200-meter dash, 400-meter dash; Matt Miller, 400-meter dash, long jump; Quinton Orr, 3200-meter run; 4×400-meter relay (Matt Miller, Jamison Heinz, Cale Hundertmark, Denny Pederson); 4×800-meter relay (Caiden Baker, Erick Wittrock, Noah Helmer, Calvin Carlson); shuttle hurdle relay (Trevor Satern, Sawyer Savery, Matt Miller, Tyler Vitzthum); sprint medley (Tyler Vitzthum, Trevor Satern, Cale Hundertmark, Denny Pederson).

Webster City — Max Harfst, 800-meter run; Jordan Tanner, 110-meter hurdles; Garrett Whitmore, 400-meter hurdles; 4×100-meter relay (Jordan Tanner, Lincoln LaSourd, Garrett Whitmore, Zane Williams); 4×200-meter relay — Garrett Whitmore, Zane Williams, Carson Struchen, Lincoln LaSourd); James Cherry, discus, shot put.

Algona — Sammonte Bawden, 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash; Trey Engen, 1600-meter run, 3200-meter run; Austin Chase, 400-meter hurdles; 4×100-meter relay (Skyler Groen, Jacob Durant, Matt Grein, Sammonte Bawden); distance medley (Sammonte Bawden, Skyler Groen, Austin Chase, Trey Engen); Dominick Etherington, discus, shot put.


South Central Calhoun — Chase McAlister, 400-meter dash, 800-meter run; Spencer Moon, 800-meter run, 1600-meter run, 3200-meter run; Josh Van Hulzen, 110-meter hurdles; 4×100-meter relay (Josh Henkenius, Jared Birks, Josh Van Hulzen, Tanner Macke); 4×200-meter relay (Josh Henkenius, Jared Birks, Nic Englin, Tanner Macke); 4×400-meter relay (Nic Englin, Josh Henkenius, Chase McAlister, Tanner Macke); distance medley (Jared Birks, Tanner Macke, Nic Englin, Spencer Moon); Colton Bahr, high jump; shuttle hurdle relay (Mason Merkley, Hunter Muhlbauer, Keagen Meyer, Josh an Hulzen); sprint medley relay (Josh Henkenius, Jared Birks, Nic Englin, Chase McAlister).

Southeast Valley — Nolan Johnson, 400-meter dash; 4×400-meter relay (Nyles Johnson, Mason Ackerson, Patrick Breitsprecher, Nolan Johnson).

Manson Northwest Webster — Zach Walsh, 400-meter dash; Cameron Krebsbach, shot put; shuttle hurdle relay (Riley Peters, Ben Quade, Lucas Walsh, Blake Larsen).

Pocahontas Area — 4×100-meter relay (Christian Davidson, Ryan Anderson, Shea Ruffridge, Chase Boeve); 4×200-meter relay (ryan Anderson, Cam Callion, Shea Ruffridge, Chase Boeve); 4×800-meter relay (Trey Oehlertz, Mike Vonnahme, Cade Henrickson, Jamison Frerk).

Emmetsburg — Blake Vermulm, 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash; Niklas Kulms, 400-meter hurdles, long jump; Zach Foxhoven, high jump.


St. Edmond — Nick Bennett, 200-meter dash; Charlie Shelly, 400-meter dash; 4×100-meter relay (Nick Bennett, Cade Naughton, Charlie Shelly, Sean Newell); 4×200-meter relay (Nick Bennett, Cade Naughton, Sean Flattery, Sean Newell); 4×400-meter relay (Sean Newell, Jonah Hindt, Sean Flattery, Charlie Shelly); Sean Flattery, long jump; sprint medley (Nick Bennett, Cade Naughton, Sean Newell, Charlie Shelly).

North Union — Derek Thompson, 100-meter dash; Riley Bauer, 400-meter dash, 800-meter run, 1600-meter run, 3200-meter run; 4×200-meter relay (Derek Thompson, Elliott Hagebock, Brendon Anderson, Blake Crawmer); Elliott Hagebock, high jump.

Bishop Garrigan — John Meis, 1600-meter run; 4×400-meter relay (Tristan Ferguson, John Meis, Joseph Meis, Brad Capesius); Drake Buscherfeld, shot put; T.J. Schnurr, shot put.



Humboldt — Bryce Gidel, 1500-meter run, 3000-meter run; Lily Groat, 100-meter hurdles; shuttle hurdle relay (Jori Hajek, Kailee Dettmann, Clarie Garangkounh, Lily Groat; 4×400-meter relay (Gabby Kent, Tabitha Jergens, Mady Lange, Bryce Gidel); sprint medley relay (Carlie Thompson, Jori Hajek, Mady Lange, Gabby Kent); Rachel Darling, discus; distance medley (Rachel Darling, Mady Lange, Bryce Gidel, Gabby Kent).

Webster City — Haley Flaws, 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash, high jump; 4×100-meter relay (Marisa Garrels, Zoey Woodle, Ashlyn Hay, Haley Flaws); Ashlyn Hay, long jump; Cassidy Nerland, discus, shot put.

Algona — Alexa Chase, 100-meter dash; Sydney Hoover, 200-meter dash; Ashlin Young, 1500-meter run, 3000-meter run; Abigail Holmes, 100-meter hurdles; shuttle hurdle relay (Baelyn Johnson, Jaclyn Reding, Teylor Rindone, Abigail Holmes); 4×100-meter relay (Sam Hood, Sydney Hoover, Abby Groen, Abigail Holmes); 4×200-meter relay (Sam Hood, Alexa Chase, Abby Groen, Sydney Hoover); sprint medley relay (Sam Hood, Alexa Chase, Sydney Hoover, Abigail Holmes).


Southeast Valley — Kiersten Fisher, 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash, 100-meter hurdles, high jump; 4×100-meter relay (Katara Jondle, Tessa Berg, Karissa Hiesterman, Kanyon Pepples); 4×200-meter relay (Katara Jondle, Morgan Farnham, Karissa Hiesterman, Kanyon Pepples).

Manson Northwest Webster — Bailey Kenyon, 800-meter run; Madalyn Moline, 3000-meter run; 4×800-meter relay (Chloe Torshynski, Sophie Herzberg, Samantha Ruhland, Bailey Kenyon).

Pocahontas Area — Jill Vonnahme, 1500-meter run, 3000-meter run; Jessica Sump, 100-meter hurdles, long jump; distance medley relay (Jessica Sump, Allison Deveraux, Sarah Powers, Jill Vonnahme).

Emmetsburg — Mackenzie King, 400-meter dash; Raven Brown, 3000-meter run; Delaney Joyce, 400-meter hurdles; shuttle hurdle relay (Ali Laubenthal, Jenna Joyce, Brielle Madden, Hailey Foxhoven); sprint medley (Jenna Joyce, Abbie Schany, Taylor Steinkamp, Mackenzie King); Molly Schany, discus; Annie Brennan, discus, shot put; distance medley relay (Delaney Joyce, Hailey Foxhoven, Abbie Schany, Taylor Steinkamp).

East Sac County — Caitlin Schueneman, high jump; Bailey Wollesen, high jump.

Clarion-Goldfield/Dows — Courtney Harle, 100-meter dash.


St. Edmond — Erin Flattery, 400-meter dash, long jump; Abby Landwehr, 800-meter run, 1500-meter run, 3000-meter run; distance medley (Avery Galles, Erin Flattery, Aubrey Bemrich, Abby Landwehr).

Bishop Garrigan — Alisa Altman, 100-meter dash; Laurel Degen, 400-meter dash; Livia Miller, 400-meter hurdles; shuttle hurdle relay (Livia Miller, Isabelle Davis, Aubrey McEnroe, Olivia Hall); 4×400-meter relay (Laurel Degen, Maddie Meister, Jenna Boelter, Livia Miller); Caitlin Thilges, discus, shot put.

West Bend-Mallard — Rachel Fehr, 400-meter dash; 4×800-meter relay (Ashlyn Banwart, Monika Fehr, Emma Thatcher, Rachel Fehr); sprint medley relay (Ashlyn Banwart, Isabell Gert, Emma Thatcher, Rachel Fehr).

Newell-Fonda — Maggie Walker, 400-meter dash, long jump; Bailey Sievers, 800-meter run; 4×400-meter relay (Maggie Walker, Olivia Larsen, Bailey Sievers, Ella Larsen); 4×800-meter relay (Olivia Larsen, Camryn Wilken, Megan Morenz, Bailey Sievers).

North Union — Hope Steinberger, high jump.