VP Harris keeps up the gaffes

To the editor:

President Biden’s many gaffes have been written about. Vice President Harris has some oldies but goodies of her own.

In an interview with Craig Melvin on the Today show In January, Harris was asked if it was time for the administration to change course, to change strategy, regarding keeping COVID-19 at bay. She replied, “It is time for us to do what we have been doing, and that time is every day. Every day, it is time for us to agree that there are things and tools that are available to us …” Huh?

In a radio interview in early March Harris was asked to explain the crisis in Ukraine. Harris said, “So Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So basically that’s wrong.” She was mocked for her child-like explanation.

On March 9 Harris was sent to Poland, her second trip to Europe in two months. During a joint press conference on the 10thwith the President of Poland, Harris opened by saying, “I am here. Standing. Here. On the northern flank, on the eastern flank, talking about what we have in terms of the eastern flank and our NATO allies, and what …” Huh?

After an event in Louisiana in late March Harris spoke of the governor of Louisiana and her “doing a tour of the library here and talking about the significance of the passage of time. Right?” “The significance of the passage of time,” she repeated. “So when you think about it, there is great significance to the passage of time in terms of what we need to do …” She went on, “And there is such great significance to the passage of time when we think about a day in the life of our children …” Huh?

Did you see much of the above on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, or MSNBC?

Not to be outdone, Biden continues to mumble his way through speeches, wanders around looking confused, raises his hand to shake hands but no one is there, and stumbles his way up the steps to Air Force One. A few weeks ago Biden, wearing a helmet, fell off his bicycle. Maybe he needs to wear a helmet when boarding Air Force One. Picture that.

Harris has a new assignment. She will lead a team to address on-line harassment, abuse, and disinformation campaigns, likely just a smokescreen for Democrats, in time for the fall election, to silence conservative free speech. I am still waiting for Harris to disclose the “root causes” why nearly 2 ¢ million people this year (2 million last year) are likely to enter the country illegally along our southern border, not counting tens of thousands of got-aways, migrants who were not apprehended or turned themselves in and got past border agents. Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas testifying before the House Judiciary Committee in April said there were 389,155 got-aways at the U.S.-Mexico border in Fiscal Year 2021 (October 2020 – September 2021). What are the got-aways hiding, or smuggling, that they must evade Border Patrol agents? Does Biden care? Does Harris care?

And to think we are stuck with this dysfunctional duo for another 2 ¢ years.

Chuck Peterson

Fort Dodge


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