Appreciates one man’s investment in Twin Lakes

To the editor:

We are grateful to live in a community that has so many people donating their time, talents and treasures in so many different manners. One such individual is Mike Murphy. Mike took it upon himself to heavily invest in the continued success of Twin Lakes in Calhoun County. Though his humility won’t allow him to appreciate the public gratitude as much as he should, rest assured, it is much deserved.

Mike had a vision of taking the dining experience at Twin Lakes to the next level. His remodel of Twin Lakes Grocery and Grill is nothing short of remarkable. He incorporated the concept of bringing the outside in. The view of the lake from the establishment has been greatly enhanced. The size of the establishment has been increased and the parking improved.

I readily encourage you to visit Traditions (at the little store), right on the water, at North Twin Lakes in Calhoun County. You will be amazed at your experience. Thanks Mike!

Don Woodruff

Fort Dodge


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