Does commission really protect the environment — or special interests?

To the editor:

Do you care about your future? What about your kids’ future? What basics do we need? Clean air to breathe would be the obvious choice. Second, clean water fit to drink is a must. With those and our rich soil we can grow our own food. It’s a piece of cake, the future is bright. But wait, suddenly the air is foul and the water polluted. Roadblock! I know life is infinitely more complex but can we even start without the first two. Why don’t we think that way? Thomas Fuller said “We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.”

The rules concerning who the Governor appoints to the Environmental Protection Commission are made by the Iowa Legislature. Of the nine people, one is required from the business of finance or commerce, three must be from livestock or grain and one is required from management of a manufacturer. Do you see a pattern? Where are the environmentalists? Is the name Environmental Protection a joke? If you care for your future, call or write the Governor and the Legislature and tell them we need to change the requirements to include people who actually care about our state.

I’ve read 97 percent of scientists believe climate control is real and in a dozen years if we don’t change it will be too late. Four of the nine seats on the EPC are up for reappointment in April. If we don’t have people who care about air and water then God help us.

David Haynes