Students honored at Night of Triton Excellence

298 students inducted into ICCC Honor Society

Iowa Central Community College held its annual Night of Triton Excellence on April 17.

A total of 298 students were recognized for their academic achievements as the newest members to be inducted into the Iowa Central Honor Society. To be eligible for the Honor Society, students must maintain a 3.5 cumulative grade-point average and have earned enough credits to graduate at the end of the 2023-2024 academic year. Students received a certificate and gold cord to be worn with their cap and gown at commencement on May 10.

Newly inducted honor society members include: Todd Acton, Kira Albright, Blaze Alexander, Brayton Alexander, Sara Allen, Fithawi Andermichael, Olivia Andersen, Zoe Andersen, Bailey Anderson, Carter Anderson, Matthew Andrews, Karli Anthofer, Bryce Aspengren, Jonathan Astor, Althea Ball, Julie Baluczynski, Delainey Bargfrede, Victor Barron, Brynn Bass, Steffany Bell, Brooks Bellcock, Carl Berglund, Meredith Binder, Aubrianna Bixby, Alexander Blaess, Triston Bockoven, Matthew Boeck, Aaron Boelyn, Nico Booyens, Tye Borchers, Matthew Borkowski, Natasha Bremer, Bryce Brinkman, Julie Burke, Brylie Butrick, Isaiah Byrkeland, Jose Cabrera, Payton Capesius, Sophia Capesius, Mindy Cardenas, Nicholas Carpenter, Kierstin Carroll, Makenzi Charlson, Seth Cheney, Jaren Christy, Valeria Contreras Roman, Stephan Cook, Noemia Chiacchio, Monica Covington, Jerry Crockett, Tami Cross, Caleb Crystal, Ian Culver, Mia Danielsen, Darcy Davis, Shawna Dencklau, Isaac Derifield, Cody Dickerson, Hailey Diersen, Samantha Dominguez, Curtis Downey, Andrew Dutcher, Cassie Elsberry, Nathan Ely, Jackson Emanuel, Grace Erickson, Zoe Etter, Jerri Evans, Thomas Fager, Mackinzie Fahey, Damon Fehr, Kristen Fisher, Katherine Folsom, Anthony Foote, Natalie Francis, Wyatt Frank, Hunter Frost, Martin Games, Amen Gandonou, Kylie Ganzeveld, Zachary Garner, Abby Gaudian, Eric Gerdes, Wyatt Gettler, Harrison Gibson, Sadie Gilbertson, Carter Gorder, Noah Griswold, Olivia Grote, Alayna Grove, Natalie Hagadon, Emily Hansen, Stacy Hardaway, Amaris Harris, Josh Hatano, Gavin Hayden, Brynn Heideman, Morgan Hemann, Halle Hemer, Anyston Henning, Matthew Hensel, Brittney Hicks, Kai Hielckert, Cael Hilzendinger, Rita Hinson, Alexis Hiracheta, Kelsey Hobbie, Sofia Hobbs, Seth Hofer, Makenna Hoffman, Aubrey Holtorf, Hadlie Hood, Cauy Hugeback, Jenna Hume, Lucas Ipsen, Erin Irlmeier, Maria Jacobson, Abigail Jensen, Elinor Jensen, Riley Jensen, Camille Jepsen, Colter Johnson, Cooper Johnson, Easton Johnson, Kaeli Johnson, Peter Johnson, Canyon Jones, Angel Jose, Nicholas Kaska, Shelvee Keller, Gabrielle Kelly, Myka Kelly, Joshua Kenkel, Rebecca Kenville, Marissa Kiemen, Christina King, Josh Kirchhoff, Owen Kirkhart, Joseph Korte, Whitney Kuhlman, Emma Lalo, Simeon Lang, Kaely Lawler, Austin Layton, Reagan Lee, Michaela Leiting, Reese Lemberg, Jacob Lenz, Michael Lewis, Bella Linberg, Jayda Long, Angel Lopez, Lisette Luna, Nolan Luther, Ryan Madden, Jenna Maggert, Connor Maki, Paolo Mananquil, Nicole Mares Rivera, Aiden Martin, Bryan Martinez-Zavala, Brad Mason, Sean Mathias, Aaron Maulsby, Jack Mausser, Hayden Mayer, Mya McClain, Landry McCoid, Kara McGonegle, MacKenzie McIlrath, Abby Melohn, Heidi Meyer, Kolben Miller, Nicole Miller, Cheyenne Miller-Hameed, Grace Minor, McKenzie Mishler, Lane Moline, MacKenzie Monahan, Mikayla Monahan, Hallie Monthei, Isaac Mouw, Molly Myer, Kiersten Myers, Conner Naberhaus, Lindsey Nelson, Coy Nelson, Noah Niemeier, Maggie Norgaard, Olyvia Olson, Sarah Orcutt, Dairin Oropeza Lopez, Abbie Orr, Cash Owens, Aries Packard, Merry Pandanganan, Oscar Pantoja, Kara Perry, Laney Pilcher, Erika Plagman, Hannah Point, Aleaha Pommer, Jordan Pommrehn, Uriah Purcell, Rylee Quade, Rebecca Rainwater, Alexzandria Ramirez, Neftali Ramos, Jenah Range, Marah Range, Levi Rasmussen, Naydia Rasmussen, Kayla Reap, Imani Reels, Xhavion Reese, Kailey Reetz, Angel Reiter, Hunter Richardson, Emily Rooney, Jordyn Roosa, Emma Ryherd, Dasha Lee Sankey, Dallas Sauser, Katrina Sauter, Avery Scandrett, Dalton Scheidel, Calli Schell, Kyle Schletty, Katie Schlosser, Gary Schmidt, Mikayla Schultz, Amber Scott, Brandon Seaba, Lucas Segebart, Blake Seiser, Crystal Sennert, Joseph Shadle, Michael Siemer, Noah Simpson, Kylee Skramstad, Brandi Smith, Elysia Smith, Taylor Smith, Gavin Stalzer, Noah Stanley, Connor State, Joshua Steffen, Braxton Steil, Steven Stone, Kevin Strand, Mykenzie Stuhrenberg, Brandon Sullivan, Matthew Surles-Davis, Nathan Swanson, Andy Sweazey, Raul Tejeda, Kaitlyn Tendal, Tabitha Teske, Emily Theiss, Joslyn Thompson, Tobi Topp, Jacob Totten, Monica Travis, Kyler Troutwine, Brittany Tufvesson, Tina Twito, Jace Ulrich, Creighton Urban, Abigail Valentine, Pamela Vang, Anthony Vasquez, Chelsy Velasco, Cecilia Venega, Jesse Vesperman, Corbyn Vicker, Matias Vila Narbays, Madison Vinchattle, Grace Voeller, Jocelyn Walters, Corbin Warland, Morgan Weeks, Cassidy Welter, Kayla Welter, Austin West, Ashley Westering, Logan Whitney, Maeci Williamson, Brittany Wiskus, Camilla Wood, Elijah Yates, Kayla York, Cameryn Young, Samuel Youngdale, Carsyn Zehr, Anthony Zigrang, Sally Zuviri.

Iowa Central students who are actively serving or have served their country in the United States Armed Forces were also recognized and presented with a Triton Challenge Coin and red, white and blue cords to be worn at commencement.

Military and veteran graduates include Blaze Alexander, Jessica Gagne, Kaitlyn Jones, Tracy Oldette, Benjamin Richison, Tanner Smith, Elijah Collins, Kyle Hack, Jacob Pieczko, Douglas Ockerman, Zachary Douglas, Molly Wittrock and Aaron Boelyn.

Also presented were the Triton Excellence Awards. Recipients of the Triton Excellence Award must be nominated by a member of the Iowa Central faculty or staff, have notable academic achievements, and be approved by a selection committee.

The 28 students selected for the Triton Excellence Award were: Doris Pena, Julio Pacheco-Reyes, Gabrielle Kelly, Nico Booyens, Ryan Madden, Emily Rooney, Andrew Burke, Ashley Westering, Nasir Wheat, Matias Vila, Rafael Gallegos-Cespedes, Kainen Fuson, Riley Jensen, Rachel Halbach, Laura Heisterkamp, Morgan Hemann, Tye Borchers, Blaze Alexander, Erin Irlmeier, Lane Moline, Abby Melohn, Anthony Vazquez, Tom Naturel, Kathy Gutierrez, Morgan Sievert, Jocelyn Walters, Molly Wittrock and Grace Tolliver.

Blaze Alexander, a non-traditional student who served in the United States Marine Corps was a recipient of all three recognitions Wednesday. With aspirations to become a medical doctor, he will graduate with his associate of arts degree and transfer to Iowa State University to study kinesiology and human studies.

“I am so appreciative of everyone who helped me get this far,” said Alexander. “One of the biggest things that comes to mind for me is to ‘be the change you want to see in this world.’ It is humbling and an honor to be recognized.”

Alexander said he read about a man in his 70s earning a medical degree and knew it was not too late to go for his dream.

“I knew, if a 72-year-old man could do it, then so could I,” said Alexander.

Nico Booyens, an international student from South Africa, received the Triton Excellence Award for his success academically and athletically.

“I am grateful to be able to say that I accomplished something that will be remembered,” Booyens said. “It is nice to know what you’ve done didn’t go unnoticed.”

Booyens will transfer to California State University Fullerton to continue his education and collegiate golf career.

Julio Pacheco Reyes was nominated for the Triton Excellence Award by Spanish instructor Andrea Estling. He said he felt he could speak for many recipients knowing the efforts put forth to pursue a higher education are noticed by others.

“It is great to know that the teachers and staff are paying attention to what students are achieving and can make us feel accomplished,” he said.


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