Getting to know our teachers

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Nick Ford, a teacher at Fort Dodge Middle School, visits with students during the 2020-21 school year.

Nick Ford

Where do you teach?

Fort Dodge Middle School

What grade/ subject do you teach?

Sixth-grade science, moving to eighth-grade social studies next year

Why do you teach?

I teach and coach because I want to make a difference in the lives of my students. My teachers and coaches had a significant impact on my life when I was growing up. They taught me a lot about self-determination and hard work. I want to lead as a positive role model for the youth in our community and I feel teaching and coaching is how I can do that.

What is your favorite part of the school day?

One of my favorite parts of the day is having students during my last period tell me one thing that they learned throughout the day. They can tell me anything they learned from any class. Most students are very eager to share and it can lead to some great conversations.

What are you working hardest on right now?

I worked hard to implement our new science curriculum this past year.

What are you most proud of as a teacher?

I am proud of my ability to build relationships with students. I believe it is imperative to build positive relationships with students to help them overcome all of the challenges middle school can present. Over the course of the year, students grow so much personally and academically, it is so rewarding to see as a teacher.

What makes you happiest as a teacher?

It makes me happy when former students come down to my classroom to fill me in on what’s happening in their life or simply to just say hi. I also enjoy seeing former students in the hallway and talking with them about how things are going.

How do you contribute to/how are you involved in our community outside of school?

I enjoy going to activities/sporting events of current and former students. Anytime there is an opportunity to coach youth sports, I enjoy contributing any way possible.

What are your interests/hobbies outside of school?

Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughters. I also enjoy going to sporting events and playing golf and doing small projects around the house.

What do you wish your students and their families knew about you?

I just finished my master’s degree in teacher leadership and look forward to continuing to implement my learning in my classroom for the benefit of my students. I coach eighth-grade football, eighth-grade girls basketball, and eighth-grade boys basketball.

What does Together We Rise mean to you?

To me Together We Rise means that every staff member in our schools has an important role in doing what is best for our students in our community.


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