What Seniors Are Saying

In step with Moira Buie

1. What programs and activities do you participate in? I participate in speech and drama, Gay Straight Alliance, Performer’s Club, Ambassadors, and National Honor Society.

2.What academic accomplishment are you most proud of? I’m proud of staying a straight-A student all throughout high school, despite all the hardships that life threw at me.

3. What’s your best piece of advice for younger students? Don’t neglect the forging of lasting relationships with your teachers and peers — they’ll turn out to be invaluable.

4. What is your go-to song or artist? I love a lot of hard rock and punk music, but my favorite artist has to be Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

5. What is your favorite class or subject and why? English is my favorite subject because language is a powerful tool, and being able to effectively communicate with it is an extremely important skill to have. Plus, it’s just fun.

6. What is your favorite movie? My favorite movie is Samurai Cop. Just watch it.

7. If you could have dinner with someone famous, who would it be and why? Honestly, I don’t want to have dinner with someone famous right now. I just want to sit down to dinner with family and friends, without having to worry about the ever-looming threat of COVID-19.

8. What are you working hardest on right now? I put a lot of time and energy into my academics and activities, so I’m just working to stay afloat with all of that going on.

9. Who is your role model in life? I don’t have a role model, because I believe in carving my own path as opposed to following in someone’s footsteps.

10. What is your favorite memory from your time in Fort Dodge schools? I can’t pick just one memory that stands out. Ever since I moved to Fort Dodge I’ve been presented with so many wonderful opportunities and met so many wonderful people that it’s simply impossible to. I appreciate everyone and everything that has made my time at FDSH great.


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