Students in the Arts recognizes students

The Students in the Arts Foundation has announced its list of students that were recognized for the fall term.

Students in kindergarten through 12th grade were chosen by their instructor for excelling in the performing and visual arts programs.

The are as follows:


St. Edmond School

Art — Jenna Cain, Hudson Stanley, Lauren Scott, Ella Dencklau and Alex Bouma.

Music — Peyton Meyer, Myles Mason, Grace Crimmins, Ella Vandi and Irene Song.

Butler School

Art — Falak Ramzan, Berlin Menke, Jazmin Espinoza, Nathaniel Joseph and Andy Douglass.

Music — Holden Smith, Lamarcus Gully, Jalynn Jackson Foy, Joey Hernandez Gallegos and Thera White.

Cooper School

Art — Amaya Altman Abrams, Trystin Lyon, Maiya Herndon and Kyren Johnson.

Music — Emmalyn Utley, Karina Deveaux, Eliana Yeoman, Lydia Cowell and Damien Yeoman.

Feelhaver School

Art — Hadlee Godfrey, Sydney Loots, Ja’Nique Price, Rihanna Myers, Easton Minkoff.

Music — Tommy Cochrane, Tyrone Campbell, Daphne Groff, Zakiah Christensen and Kinley Auten.

Duncombe School

Art — Mila Scherff, Landyn Lawler, Gretta Pratt, Karen Portillo Puac and Katelyn Gehlhausen.

Music — Stella Pingel, McKinley Bolton, Genevieve Piton, Brady Messerly and Paisley Mundie.

Riverside School

Art — Bentley Ulrich.

Music — Dre’shaun Brookshire.

Community Christian School

Art — Lilah Nagy.

Music — Jeremiah Chichester.

Middle School

Community Christian School

Art — Isaac Alvarez.

Band — Anna Lawrence.

Vocal — Levi Odor.

St. Edmond School

Art — Irelyn Derrig, Sawyer Lochray, Grace Newberger and Ashton Grady.

Band — Catie Jarrett, Jacob Moore, Luke Royster and Ellie Driscoll.

Vocal — Abby Huss, Manuela Rodriguez, Abram Larson and Zach Midtling.

Fort Dodge Middle School

Art — Hope Alstott and Heaven Walker.

Band — Lily Nauta, Simeon Roberts, Josh Jass and Nahila Bracey.

Orchestra — Amelia Stephan, Braden Kammerer, Cortney Hoover and Carter Anderson.

Vocal — Owen Hamlow, Micah Flaherty and Camden Doster.

High School

St. Edmond School

Vocal — Maddie Reynoso, Valeria Cazares, Hallie Ehn and Rene Cazares.

Band — Alex Tiernan, Clare Conrad, Maggie Strickland and Luanne Xiao.

Art — Kayleigh Smith, Leah Johnson and Lilly Kolacia.

Speech — Claire Flemming, Milena Naughton, Avery Galles and Jocelyn Timmerman.

Fort Dodge Senior High

Vocal — Brayden Schmieder, Cole Hamlow, Aliya Zak and Grace Casciato.

Band — Isabel Gruver, Nathan Rethwisch, Antavion Adams, Alexis Habhab and Alicia Reed.

Orchestra — Grace Casciato.

Art — Ty Williamson, Aytaj Mehralizada and Hannah Drummond.

Theatre — Moira Buie, Reagan Black, Akeylah Wilson and Aliya Zak.


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