What Seniors Are Saying — Joscelynn Rosalez

In step with Joscelynn Rosalez, Fort Dodge Senior High

1 What programs and activities do you participate in?

Some of my activities would include being a member of National Honor Society, a representative on Dodger Senate, and HOSA.

2 What academic accomplishment are you most proud of?

Academically, I have a lot to be proud of. The biggest accomplishment that I have to be proud of would be working my tail off to achieve (mostly) all A’s. In doing so, I also have not received a GPA lower than a 3.4.

3What’s your best piece of advice for younger students?

Don’t take your high school years for granted. When they say time flies, they are not lying. I cannot believe that this is going to be my final year of high school already. Also, do not be afraid of those older kids; they will not hurt you even though they seem bigger than you.

4What is your go-to song or artist?

I do not have a go-to song, rather a go-to genre of music. I prefer to listen to anything country.

5What is your favorite class or subject and why?

If you would have asked me this before high school, I would have said math. Now though, I would say my favorite subject/class in school would be either health care-related classes or Senora Hinders’ class (Spanish).

6What is your favorite movie?

There are so many good ones that it is hard to pick just one, but if I were to choose one, “The Upside” would be my favorite movie.

7If you could have dinner with someone famous, who would it be?

I would probably have to say Shawn Johnson because she is an Olympic gold medalist, and she was born in Des Moines.

8What are you working hardest on right now?

I am currently working my hardest at being the best student I can be. Being the best student I can be includes studying my brains out, showing school spirit by attending any home sporting events possible, and balancing school and a social life.

9Who is your role model in life and why?

My role model in life would probably be my dad. My dad has been through so much in life, and yet he never fails to accomplish things. Ever since his accident, he has had to overcome many obstacles. With every obstacle he accomplishes, I am amazed as to what lengths he will go to to achieve them.

10What is your favorite memory from your time in Fort Dodge schools?

My best memory from attending FDSH would probably have to be Friday nights spent sitting in the student section cheering on the varsity football games. There were so many memories to be made during the time I spent at Senior High, it was hard to choose just one.


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