Students in the Arts recognizes local students

Students in the Arts has announced the K-12 students who have been recognized for excellence by their instructor for the winter term in performing and visual arts programs.

Elementary art and music

St. Edmond Catholic School

Art — Maurynn Grell, Gavin McClain, Adelyn Bangert, Irene Song, and McKenna Kvale

Music — Jaycee Arnold, Kayson McNeil, Julio Galvan, Ashlyn Swisher, and Mackenzie Halverson

Butler Elementary School

Art — Millie Potts, Jaxen McNeil, Harley Grove, Kaylie Guthrie, and Colin Appler

Music — Ayson Canto, Christopher Edwards, Maurice Rather, Kaylin Suliano Elias, and Elianna Napier-Garcia

Cooper Elementary School

Art — Tommy Lennon, Alex Centeno, Eden Horn, Sawyer Parcel, and Taylor Charlson

Music — Kinley Forbes, Landon, Waynar, Brooklyn Lamourex, Kasyn St. John, and Brek Pingel

Feelhaver Elementary School

Art — Tyron Campbell, Leo Grantham, Naijsha Althman, Lavin Crouse, and Tristin Stein

Music — Everett Hill, Zoel Bell, Shayley Butrick, Easton Minkoff, and Olivia Daniel

Duncombe Elementary School

Art — Ruthie Vinson, Ja’Nique Price, Jillian Matton, Malachi Harvey, and Maleah Landfair

Riverside Early Learning Center

Art — Cora Lansing

Music — Selena Garcia

Community Christian School

Art — Hannah Heath

Music — Mason Nelson

St. Paul Lutheran School

Art — Margo Harman

Music — Max Judson

Middle school vocal, band, orchestra, and art

St. Paul Lutheran School

Art — Kale Friedrichs

Band — Brennen Stickrod

Vocal — Kylee Thackery

Community Christian School

Art — Anthony Pollash

Band — Emily Chichester

Vocal — Levi Odor

St. Edmond Catholic School

Art — Meeritha Bhooma, Madison Hepperle, Joseph Dawson, and Anthony Clavey

Band — Jacob Moore, Luke Royster, Ellie Driscoll, and Madison Reynoso

Vocal — Jonah Carlson, Katie Dawson, Kara McGonnegle, and Klara Baker

Fort Dodge Middle School

Art — Brooklyn Barlow, Ariel Carlson, Josie Novencido, Madison Pommer, and Ethan Bloom

Band — Mina DeJong, Kaivyone Williams, and Kyle Lumsden

Orchestra — Abigail Casciato, Brady Major, and Josie Novencido

Vocal — Meah McCaleb, Darylinn Cook, and Grace Tolliver

High school vocal, band, orchestra, art, and theater

St. Edmond Catholic School

Vocal — Mya McClain, Sydney Engels, Jed Tracy, and Michelle Waller

Band — Clare Conrad, Maggie Strickland, Luanne Xiao, and Colin Croonquist

Art — Sydney Engels, Michelle Waller, and Avery Galles

Speech — Emma Alstott, Sydney Schulte, Lilly Kolacia, and Valeria Cazeres

Fort Dodge Senior High

Vocal — Claire Asay and Madison Vinchattle

Band — Alexis Habhab, Isabel Gruver, Madison Vinchattle, and Josh Meier

Orchestra — Cameron Larson

Art — Deante Bolden, Akeylah Wilson, Dakota Green, Aiden Trimble, and Aubrey Davis

Theater — Katelyn Ganzeveld, Ash Wacholtz, Nalma Nantele, and Nathan Hayes