May students, employee of the month honored

The Fort Dodge Community School District has announced its students and employees of the month for May. This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school and one high school student, and one staff member monthly for exceeding expectations.

Lydia Cowell is the elementary student of the month. Jeanna Gronbach,who nominated Cowell, said Cowell comes to school ready to do her best every day. She is always pleasant to be around, works hard even when tasks are challenging, encourages others when working cooperatively and is eager to learn.

Gronbach said Cowell is kind to everyone. She includes others in everything she does and is willing to help students and adults alike. She is very respectful, has a great sense of humor and is responsible.

Gronbach concluded by saying, “Lydia makes every person she comes in contact with smile. She makes everyone around her happy. I have even told her I hope one day my daughter grows up to be just like her.”

She is the daughter of Brad Cowell and April Cowell.

Jessica Martinez is the middle school student of the month. Julia Hatcher, who nominated Martinez, said Martinez comes to school ready to learn each day. She is a hard worker who puts great effort into her classwork to make her assignments the best she can. She is very responsible about having all her materials and homework, and meets deadlines.

Hatcher continued by saying Martinez is a very kind young lady who will work with any student and try her best to help anyone. She is respectful, listens and understands others’ perspectives when working in groups. She leads with her kind, respectful disposition in cooperative groups.

Hatcher concluded by saying, “Jessica stands out as a student who tries to learn every day and expects the best from herself. She exceeds expectations and is a role model and friend to many.”

She is the daughter of Clara Arias.

Brayden Bell is the high school student of the month. Matt Drees nominated Bell. Drees indicated Bell’s school involvement as a reason for the nomination. Bell is currently on the tennis team, and playing Lumiere in the musical, “Beauty and the Beast.” He leads the student body through Dodger Senate. Bell helped organize the “We Are Change” meetings with students this spring. Bell is taking college classes this semester and on multiple occasions told Drees he could not miss class because he really needed to be in class to do the work.

Drees concluded by saying, “Brayden is involved, responsible, mature and so easy to get along with. He makes my days better just by being around me.”

He is the son of Lori Bell and Curtis Bell.

Libby Redmond, Butler Elementary secretary, is the employee of the month. Steph Anderson nominated Redmond. Anderson said Redmond has been a great addition to the Butler staff. She said Redmond’s positivity has been instrumental in transforming the climate of the front office, including the way she greets everyone with a smile. Redmond is aware of and plays an active role in the family engagement mission of creating a welcoming environment at Butler.

Anderson said Redmond is a team player, striving to meet the needs of students, staff and families. She goes above and beyond, asking about next steps and what projects she can help with.

Anderson concluded by saying, “Libby’s smile and positivity have been a great asset to the front office. Not only does she model the character and kindness we like to see at the front office, she emulates it throughout the building through her interactions. She also gives shout outs to others who demonstrate kindness and compassion.”