FD Community Schools name April students, employee of the month

The Fort Dodge Community School District is pleased to announce its students and employee of the month for April. This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school and one high school student, as well as one staff member monthly for exceeding expectations.

Jose Perez is the elementary student of the month. He was nominated by Kirstie Ron and Peggy Larson. They said he works hard at school, striving to do his best no matter what the content is or how difficult it may be.

Perez demonstrates perseverance, collaboration and integrity. His biggest strength is his growth mindset, which will help him be successful in his future, including academic work.

They also said Perez models good character and kindness every day. He respects his teachers and peers, does what is asked of him and goes above and beyond to help others. The teachers said he has a very big heart and is a great role model for all students. They concluded by saying, “Jose came to our school knowing very little English, but he has never let that slow him down. He has continued to show perseverance despite the challenges that learning two languages can bring.”

He is the son of Jose Andres Perez and Ana Martinez Roque.

Grace Casciato is the middle school student of the month. She was nominated by Dawn Richardson. Richardson stated that Casciato is very studious, completing her work and getting work in advance if she knows she will be missing class. She puts all her effort into her learning and that shows in her grades. She is helpful with other students even without being asked by teachers to assist. She wants others to succeed in class, too.

Casciato is extremely polite. She greets everyone with a smile and hello, and she thanks teachers as she leaves class. She is willing to work with anyone and makes him/her feel comfortable and accepted. She follows the PBIS expectations and is a great role model for her peers. Richardson concluded by saying, “Grace is genuinely kind and happy almost every time I see her. She brightens the day for many. She has exhibited this kindness and behavior day after day all year long.”

She is the daughter of Gabriel and Wendy Casciato.

Kane Freeman is the high school student of the month. He was nominated by Ashley Fredrick. She said Freeman always works hard both in and outside the classroom, including making up work in a timely fashion when he is gone. He asks questions when he does not understand something. His positive behavior and enthusiasm toward learning is a positive influence on his peers. He is kind to his classmates and works well with others. She concluded, “the effort Kane puts into whatever he does is commendable. He is led by a sense of responsibility and takes on all obligations wholeheartedly.” He is the son of Jesi Johnson.

Darrel Lagerstrom, custodian, is the employee of the month. He was nominated by PRIDE staff members: Erin Brookshire, Troy Bennett, Allison Dencklau and Lisa Baird. They stated Lagerstrom is always more than willing to clean up messes with a positive attitude, humor and a smile. He is very conscientious about fulfilling all of his job duties and making sure the building is immaculate. He makes sure to keep the building conditions safe for students, staff and the public visiting the building. They said Lagerstrom focuses on kindness by letting students help him, even if it creates more work for him. They thanked Lagerstrom for being willing to supervise students who need to complete community service. “Darrel is kind and relates well to our students. He takes the time to talk and create relationships with the students,” said the staff. “He loves the kids.”