FDCSD names March students and employee of the month

The Fort Dodge Community School District is has announced its students and employee of the month for March.

This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school and one high school student, as well as one staff member monthly for exceeding expectations.

Reyna Prado, the daughter of Joel Prado and Alva Juarez, is the elementary student of the month. Prado was nominated by Timmi Dencklau.

Dencklau shared that Prado is a student who wants to learn, is always asking questions, working hard and never giving up.

She said Prado is also a great helper in the classroom, noting she builds up the other students’ confidence when she assists them. The other students look up to Prado for her willingness to help.

In addition to helping others, Prado is welcoming to all. Adults at Butler Elementary School have commented on her kindness to her peers and her ability to always follow expectations.

Prado treats every student with respect, care and kindness. She is constantly thinking about others and how her actions can make other people’s days better.

“As her teacher, I see the impact her positivity has on the other students,” Dencklau said.

She always has a smile on her face that makes others want to be around her. I look up to her for her ability to always have a positive attitude and show kindness and good character in all situations.”

Emily Beckley, the daughter of Mark and Melanie Beckley, is the middle school student of the month. She was nominated by Trish Gobrecht.

Gobrecht shared that recently Beckley heard Mrs. Daniel-Wiseman talk to the fifth- and sixth-graders about Pennies for Patients.

Upon hearing about this, Beckley wanted to help and to make an impact in her pod. Beckley decided to make a short video about her experience with cancer to share with her classmates. Beckley is serious about her goal to raise money for Pennies for Patients and to bring awareness about cancer. Her video and actions are helping her classmates understand that cancer is no joking matter.

“Emily deserves to be Student of the Month because she is willing to make herself vulnerable to her peers to bring awareness around cancer. This shows her strength as a student, cancer survivor and a Dodger. She is helping all of us rise together,” Gobrecht said.

Brandon Lennon, son of Jason Lennon, is the high school student of the month. He was nominated by Corey Moody. Moody shared that Lennon is a quiet student who works hard and has perfect attendance this year. He also shared that last month when Lennon was driving to school he came across an older man who was walking behind his snowblower.

The older man fell and could not get up. Lennon pulled over and helped the man up, making sure he was OK.

Moody said Lennon’s kindness did not go unnoticed by the neighbors and drivers in cars who were watching the older man struggle to get up.

“Brandon’s act of kindness and his perfect attendance make him deserving of the Student of the Month honor. This was a great opportunity for Brandon to demonstrate his quiet character and leadership,” Moody said.

Dennys Canto is the employee of the month. He was nominated by Scott Danielson. Danielson said Canto is a great example of someone who continually goes beyond the call of duty in all areas of his employment. He stated Canto puts in long hours, starting each morning in the weight room at 6 a.m., teaching five consecutive periods of Spanish I, and finishing his days either back in the weight room or helping with Dodger Academy at Butler Elementary.

Danielson said in addition to these things, Canto is also heavily invested in Senior High’s push to become a PBIS building, even helping lead meetings and professional development around PBIS. Danielson concluded, “Dennys recently had his classes go around the high school and post positive notes around the building in an effort to help change the building culture. His positive energy and ideas are noticed and appreciated at the high school.”