Top 4-H awards, scholarships given at Webster Co. banquet

The annual Webster County 4-H Leaders Recognition and 4-H Awards Banquet was recently held at the Best Western Starlite Village in Fort Dodge.

Several awards were presented.

The Outstanding Consumer Sciences award is given annually to a Senior 4-Her and is based on consideration of the entire career of the member, including presentations at meetings, fair exhibits and citizenship activities. The 2017 award was presented to Brooklin Border, of Fort Dodge.

An award was given to nine 4-H’ers for their extra work and dedication to the 4-H program. This award, called the “4-H Spirit” award, was given at the Junior level to Sasha Hess of the Washington Winners and Ignatius Kirby of the C/C Sidekicks; at the Intermediate level to Isabelle Berger of the Douglas Dreamers, Jacob Geis and Alyson Nieland, both of the Washington Winners; Senior Level to Jeannie Boro of the C/C Sidekicks, Anna Lewandowski of the SonRays, and Jacob Miller of the Washington Winners.

College scholarships were presented: The Bill & Pat Coffey Memorial Scholarship was presented to Nelson Cook. Coffey was the Webster County Extension Director at the time of his death in 1993. Other Memorial Scholarships that were given include: Gene and Shirley Anderson Memorial Scholarship given to Karrigan Mentzer; the MaryAnn Haase Memorial Scholarship given to Leslie Housken and Ashley Nieland; the Sharon Lemkau Memorial Scholarship given to Brooklin Border and Haley Ledford; the Irene McLuckie Memorial Scholarship given to Maddy Christensen; the Colin Murphy Memorial Scholarship given to Thomas Lennon; the Eddie Peterson Memorial Scholarship given to Olivia Mitchell; the Pat Rees Memorial Scholarship given to Kalista Herr; and the Ruth Schmalenberger Memorial Scholarship given to Daven Rees.

The 4-H Alumni Awards were presented to Teresa Carter of Fort Dodge, Mark Compart of Lehigh, Jan Lewandowski and Deb Rockow of Fort Dodge. Carter was a Badger Builders club leader and rabbit project leader. Compart served on the Swine and Sheep project committees and helped at the Iowa State Fair; Jan Lewandowski is the SonRays club leader and helps with the poultry project. Rockow was a Douglas Dreamers club leader and still helps each year at the Webster County Fair.

The final event of the evening was installation of one adult as Honorary 4-H member by the County Council. Rick Carter, of Fort Dodge, was honored for his dedication and support to the Webster County 4-H program. Carter has served as a leader and superintendent of the rabbit project.