4-H volunteers, leaders recognized

4-H award of clover pins and certificates were presented for volunteers serving five, 10, 15 and 40 years as a 4-H volunteer. Those with five years of service to the 4-H program received the silver clover pin: Mary Eslick, Dayton Tigers club leader; Allison Lansman, Elkhorn Earlybirds club leader and poultry project Leader; Bret Mentzer, Dayton Tigers club leader; and Laura Ross, Gowrie Groundbreakers club leader and poultry project leader.

Receiving a gold clover pin for 10 years of service were: Michael Erritt, horse project superintendent, director, and leader; Jenice Hammitt, Nifty Newark club leader. Receiving a pearl clover pin for 15 years of service: Rick Carter, rabbit project superintendent. Receiving a diamond pin for 40 years of service were Brian and Jeannie Dencklau, both dog project leaders.

Leaders thanked for working with youth are: Jane Condon as a youth committee member; Sara Ladlie as C/C Sidekicks club leader; Angie Petersen as Elkhorn Earlybirds club leader; Sara Redenius as a youth committee member; Kim Stuhrenberg as Johnson Jaguars club leader, and Laura Walsh as Badger Builders club leader.

County project awards were presented to the 4-H members by Extension staff members and the county youth and 4-H committee members. 4-H’ers had to submit their record keeping materials in order to be considered for these awards. Citizenship, communication, and leadership were considered when selections were made.

Brooklin Border — woodworking; Morgan Border — communications, long time record keeping, music; Maddy Christensen — communications, long time record keeping, shooting sports; Nelson Cook — long time record keeping; Megan Dawson — home improvement; Leslie Housken — clothing; Gina Kramer — long time record keeping; Haley Ledford — long time record keeping; Tommy Lennon — communications, long time record keeping, poultry, rabbit; Anna Lewandowski — dog; Karrigan Mentzer — child development, communications; Jayden Muench — self-determined; Daven Rees — long time record keeping, woodworking; Nathan Rethwisch — food and nutrition, horticulture; Alexis Stuhrenberg — rabbit.

Chicago award trip participants: Brooklin Border, Olivia Mitchell, Jayden Muench.

Achievement awards: Brooklin Border, Maddy Christensen, Haley Ledford.