FD students, employee of month named

The Fort Dodge Community School District has announced its students and employee of the month for October. This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school and one high school student. It also recognizes one staff member monthly for exceeding expectations.

Livia Kalvig is the elementary student of the month. She was nominated by Mike Zinnel, her PE teacher. He said last year Kalvig struggled in PE, but this year Kalvig has been a great role model for other kids.

Zinnel said Kalvig comes to PE with a positive attitude and participates in class. She likes to work with all the other students and uses kind words during class.

“Livia is taking great pride in her growth at school,” Zinnel said. “When I see her at the end of the day, she always has a smile and lets me know she had another great day.”

Livia Kalvig is the daughter of Jeffrey and Marlene Kalvig.

Corbin Cooper is the middle school student of the month. He was nominated by the 6 Discover Team (Ms. Davis, Ms. Hatcher and Ms. Pelz). They said Cooper is a responsible student who uses his time wisely and effectively to get tasks accomplished. He is focused and always puts his best effort forward.

Cooper is a trusted student who others look to as a role model for the 4Bs. His teachers said he always does the right thing, even when others around him may not be. As a sixth-grader it is easy to begin to follow others and his teachers are proud of him for continuing to do what he knows is right in these situations. They concluded, “Corbin has many friends and is a social student within the team. We can’t wait to see how his amazing character traits will help him lead others to making the right choices, too.”

Corbin Cooper is the son of Michaelene Husske and Thad Cooper.

Melida Perez is the high school student of the month. She was nominated by Kenneth Hayes, Senior High principal. He said Perez does an excellent job advocating, providing assistance and encouraging English language learner students who are non-English speaking. He said she has taken it upon herself to mentor and guide non-English speaking students. When available, she translates, escorts, problem solves and advocates for her peers in addition to attending to her own academic needs.”

“Fort Dodge Senior High is lucky to have Melida and she has shown that one person can make a difference that just may create a chain reaction,” Hayes said.

Melida Perez is the daughter of Gilberto Garcia Pacheco and Veronica Garcia.

Curtis Bell, Fort Dodge Middle School head custodian, is the employee of the month. He was nominated by Heather Cochrane. She said Bell takes his job seriously and does a phenomenal job keeping the middle school looking spotless.

Cochrane said Bell is willing to put in extra effort for the benefit of the students and staff. She said he is very accommodating and does a great job leading his team of custodial staff. Bell’s character and kindness are the main reasons she nominated him. She said he greets students and staff with smiles and hellos on a regular basis.

“Curtis volunteers his time to unofficially mentor kids in our building,” Cochrane said. “He has positive conversations with students at lunch and has made a big impact on students throughout our school.”