Supports Gov. Kim Reynolds

To the editor:

Gov. Kim Reynolds is a hard-working Iowan with small-town rural ties, just like me. I want someone in office who knows Iowans, especially the majority of us who do not live in Des Moines or any of Iowa’s other cities.

This background has helped shape her vision for rural Iowa. That’s why she’s focused on tackling important issues like broadband Internet, housing and economic development.

As a rural small town Iowan, I am proud of my background and upbringing. Growing up in the small town of St. Charles, she understands what is is like for rural Iowans and knows what our towns and communities are going through.

In addition to this I might add as an intern in the governor’s office over the summer of 2014, I saw firsthand the dedication and hard work she showed as lieutenant governor of this state and its people. As governor I believe she has shown that same dedication if not more! I will for surely be supporting her come November and I hope all who read this do the same. I’m a proud Iowan.

Caleb Hedeen