Double vision

Twin sisters tackle grime in Fort Dodge with Twice as Nice Cleaning Co.

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen
Twin sisters Macey Lewis, at left, along with Hailey Lewis, right, are the proud owners of Twice As Nice Cleaning Co.

When identical twins Hailey and Macey Lewis traded places during grade school, the trickery didn’t work out quite as planned.

“We switched up one time,” Macey Lewis said. “Just once.”

The sisters were fourth-graders at Manson Northwest Webster at the time.

All seemed good and well on the day of the swap until the two needed to read the dry erase board in their respective classrooms.

The sisters wore different glasses. So when they traded their glasses, the letters they saw were blurry.

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson
Macey Lewis, at right, and her twin sister Hailey Lewis, owners of Twice As Nice Cleaning, show off their skills at Wausau Homes of Fort Dodge recently.

“We had different vision and we couldn’t see,” Hailey Lewis said. “That was our struggle.”

As a result, the charade didn’t last long.

“We had to give ourselves up,” Hailey Lewis said. “We got in trouble.”

The other students were supportive of their efforts, though.

“All of our classmates were in on it, but we couldn’t see,” Macey Lewis said.

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson
Hailey Lewis, front, and her twin sister, Macey Lewis, owners of Twice As Nice Cleaning, get to work at Wausau Homes of Fort Dodge recently.

Vision aside, there aren’t a whole lot of noticeable differences between the 19-year-old twins who own and operate Twice As Nice Cleaning Co. in Fort Dodge.

“We did everything together,” the sisters said precisely at the same time when asked about growing up together.

“I can’t do anything without her,” Macey Lewis added.

They dressed in the same outfits until they were about 8, they said.

“When we got older the only day we would dress up the same was Valentine’s Day for our mom,” Macey Lewis said. “We gave her the one day.”

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson
Hailey Lewis, co-owner of Twice As Nice Cleaning, sweeps the floor at Wausau Homes of Fort Dodge recently.

She added, “But now we dress the same every day again.” She was referring to the shirts they wear for work.

The pair have a history of working together.

“We always had the same job every time,” Hailey Lewis said.

They worked at Friendship Haven and a local grocery store.

“We haven’t done much apart,” Macey Lewis said.

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson
Macey Lewis, co-owner of Twice As Nice Cleaning, wipes down a kitchen faucet on dispay at Wausau Homes of Fort Dodge recently.

The sisters graduated from Manson Northwest Webster High School in 2017. Following that, they attended some classes at Iowa Central Community College, but weren’t sure what they wanted to pursue for a career.

What they did know is that they enjoyed cleaning.

“We always loved cleaning,” Hailey Lewis said. “We loved doing it when we were little. We asked my mom if we could clean the house.”

Although they admit their passion might be considered a little odd, they never heard any complaints from parents or family.

“My mom loved it,” Macey Lewis said. “Our step dad always said we are a special breed because we always cleaned.”

Macey Lewis worked for a construction company for a brief time, according to Hailey Lewis.

“She cleaned up after the houses were built and they always said how good of cleaner she was,” Hailey Lewis said. “They said you guys should just open your own business, so that’s what we did.”

The twins started Twice As Nice Cleaning in October 2018.

They clean homes and businesses in Fort Dodge.

“We do mostly residential, but we clean offices at night,” Hailey Lewis said. “Either people want us to clean them all the time or when they first move into a house or move out, or are selling a house.”

But they draw the line at cars.

“We have cleaned a couple campers,” Macey Lewis said. “We have been asked to clean cars, but that’s not really our thing.”

They charge by the hour and work Monday through Friday, typically cleaning about three houses in an eight-hour period.

They have a system.

Macey Lewis does more of the dusting while Hailey Lewis does more scrubbing.

“It’s just how we figured out what works the fastest,” Hailey Lewis said.

Business has gone well, they said.

“Really good,” Hailey Lewis said. “It’s hard to keep up with it. We are really busy.”

Five questions for the Lewis twins

1. Last song or artist you listened to?

Casting Crowns (they listened together)

2. Dream dinner guest?

Macey: Joanna Gaines, interior decorator and actress on the show “Fixer Upper”

Hailey: Ellen DeGeneres, comedian

3. Favorite movie or show?

Macey: “Criminal Minds”

Hailey: Harry Potter series

4. Place you want to visit?

Macey: Bora Bora

Hailey: Italy

5. Favorite trait of your sister?

Macey: She’s very determined and a hard worker.

Hailey: She keeps me grounded.