Kruse to leave SCC, L-M districts

ROCKWELL CITY — The superintendent who leads three Iowa school districts will be leaving two of those districts at the end of the school year.

Jeff Kruse has been with the South Central Calhoun School District since 2011, and since 2014 he’s had a sharing agreement with the Laurens-Marathon Community School District.

He will be leaving both once the current school year ends.

Kruse said his decision to leave was based on his work in both districts.

“At South Central Calhoun, I felt that I’ve accomplished most of the goals I wanted to accomplish,” he said. “South Central Calhoun held my contract, so I told Laurens if I wasn’t coming back at South Central Calhoun, then I think it’s time for maybe sharing a superintendent who is a little closer to them.”

In his tenure at South Central Calhoun, Kruse oversaw the consolidation of the Rockwell City-Lytton and Southern Calhoun Community School districts.

At Laurens-Marathon, Kruse helped with a partial-day, and later whole-day, sharing agreement between that district and the Pocahontas Area Community School District.

Both districts, according to Kruse, have similarities.

“In working in both school districts, when I began, both had financial issues,” he said. “We’ve made gains in improving the financial condition in both school districts.”

He also highlighted some of the changes he’s been a part of in South Central Calhoun.

“At South Central Calhoun, we’ve gone from whole-grade sharing to reorganization,” Kruse said. “In particular, at South Central Calhoun, we’ve spent a lot of time working on infrastructure. Improvement of our facilities, our transportation department and, also, we’ve been able to do a lot of upgrades to our curriculum over the past years. Make sure we continue to have the most recent and up-to-date curriculum that research will provide.”

As for the future, Kruse said he’s keeping his options option. He may end up staying at the Ar-We-Va Community School District in Westside, where he also serves as superintendent.

“That all depends on what happens to my future,” Kruse said. “I would like to stay in education for a few more years yet, but I have no plans in particular at this point.”

He said he’s still a few years away from retirement.

“Right now I’m just exploring my options,” he said.