Fort Dodge snow routes

Current weather forecasts indicate a winter storm warning through Wednesday. Accumulations of up to 2 inches or more of snow are possible. Because weather can change abruptly, residents are encouraged to stay tuned to local weather forecasts.

Due to the impending weather advisory, residents are reminded that a parking prohibition will automatically go into effect on all residential emergency snow routes when there has been an accumulation of 2 inches or more of snow. The parking prohibition will be in effect until 24 hours after the snow stops falling. To view a map of all emergency snow routes, visit the city’s webpage at https://www.fortdodgeiowa.org/.

For those residents not on snow routes, park your car off the street if possible as it will be easier to plow all streets. Residents may park across a sidewalk or on the parking right of way until the snow has been cleared. Residents are encouraged to use caution when driving.