Church, businesses team up to help single moms, widows

Widows and single moms with children still living in the home will once again have an opportunity to have their vehicles serviced with a free oil change thanks to a local church and businesses.

New Covenant Church, Fort Dodge Transmission, Laughlin Auto Repair, Advance Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts and Johnston Auto Supply are teaming together to offer the service.

New Covenant has been involved with offering the oil changes since 2002, according to the Rev. Janis Carmody, director of missions.

“We like to do things to impact our community in a positive way,” Carmody said. “We have great volunteers who are willing to help us. It was real easy for the volunteers to get the different auto parts stores to volunteer with us and bless us.”

She added, “We picked the single moms and the widows for obvious reasons because there can be difficult times for them financially and this is a way to do something for them. A car is pretty important thing for them to be able to function.”

Volunteers from New Covenant will be performing the labor on the vehicles and the women’s ministry will be providing hospitality while the car owners wait for their vehicles to be serviced.

Carmody said mechanics will also give a report on the vehicles.

“They’ll check wipers, fluids, turning signals, they might fix small things, but then they will also give them a report on their car, not to say come back here, but for them to take it to their regular mechanic to have them look at the car,” Carmody said. “While they are waiting for car to be done they wait in the reception area and we have volunteers to provide coffee and doughnuts and coloring pages for children, so they have some things to do while they wait.”

The oil changes will take place Oct. 5 from 8 a.m. to noon. The oil changes are by appointment only.

Appointments must be scheduled by Sept. 27.

“The parts stores that give us oil filters need that time to collect all of the parts for us,” Carmody said. “And when you make an appointment, no one has to wait a long time.”

To schedule an appointment, call Jack at Laughlin Auto Repair, 573-5955.

Vehicle owners must supply the vehicle identification number, year, make and model of car — including engine size.

Carmody said about 40 vehicles can be serviced.