In town, potholes causing traffic woes

To report a pothole in Fort Dodge, use the See Click Fix app. For more information, visit and click ‘report a concern.’

-AP graphic
This graphic shows how potholes are formed.

While drivers in the county wait for better road conditions, in town everyone is facing a familiar problem — potholes.

“They’re a little rough,” said Brett Daniel, Fort Dodge public works director, when asked about the roads on Wednesday.

“We have a lot of potholes opening up all over. We are working on that,” Daniel said. “We have two crews out trying to get those filled as fast as we can. The problem is in this weather it’s not necessarily a permanent fix. The repairs aren’t lasting all that long.”

“The material we use, it can work in wet conditions, but these are really, really wet conditions,” Daniel said. “So what we’re finding in some of these holes is, the material is getting pushed back out in high traffic areas, so we are having to do them a couple times before they hold.

“We’ll do it, and a day later they might be starting to kind of open back up. We’re going to have to do some of them more than once unfortunately.”

Daniel’s advice? Be patient, and drive carefully.

“Just drive with caution. Drive slow,” he said. “I don’t want people to swerve if they don’t have to, so just drive slow, and avoid them the best you can.

“Also give the city workers space, so they can get those filled. We’ll get it; it’s just going to take some time.”

Residents can use the See Click Fix app to report problems with any Fort Dodge road. For more information, visit and click ‘report a concern.’