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Home and Homestead opens office in Fort Dodge

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Nate Samp recently opened his new business, Home and Homestead Realty, in downtown Fort Dodge. He offers a wide range of services, including construction, remodeling and real estate. His new offices opened Dec. 1.

To understand what Home and Homestead, a new business in Fort Dodge, has to offer, just think about the HGTV show “Love it or List it.”

On the show, one host works to remodel a family’s home while the other works to find that same family a new home. In the end, the family must decide to keep their home or sell it.

That’s kind of what Home and Homestead offers, but owner Nate Samp also offers so much more.

Home and Homestead opened its new office in Fort Dodge on Dec. 1. It’s located at 228 First. Ave. S. in Fort Dodge.

Samp’s business offers a one-stop simplified approach to buying, selling, fixing up, or building new. He also offers brokerage services to others to pursue creating their own personal brand in real estate.

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The space at Home and Homestead serves as a design studio for clients. Owner Nate Samp said it’s a place for clients to look at all types of materials for building or remodeling.

“If people come to me and are not sure what they want to do, I can sit down with them and we can figure out what’s best for them,” said Samp. “If they are considering building new, we can look at what their current house could be worth. We can look at what it would cost to build a new home or remodel their current home. We can also look at finding a house that will meet their current needs.

“Outside of those things, I can offer a lot of consultation expertise when it comes to what things may cost and the value of their home now and in the future. Sometimes remodeling costs more than the eventual worth to a home. We can look at all those costs and do what’s best for my clients,” he added.

His new office includes plenty of space for clients that are looking to remodel or build to go over different materials for their projects.

“My office was built to be a design studio. I have a great space where we can lay out choices on tables and pick out whatever designs a client wants,” he said.

Samp graduated from Algona High School in 2009 and earned a degree from Iowa Lakes in construction. He’s also a licensed real estate broker.

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One of the different services offered by Home and Homestead Realty is home buying and selling. Owner Nate Samp opened his new offices in downtown Fort Dodge on Dec. 1.

Samp spent more than 10 years in construction, working mostly with his father, but he said he always had the concept that would lead to Home and Homestead in the back of his mind.

“I had kind of thought about this business way back in high school when they had us do a business plan in class,” he said. “I was doing construction in Oklahoma and I thought about getting my real estate license and I would tie all these things together.”

Samp earned his real estate license in 2014 and he said he was mostly just buying and selling his own properties. He said he enjoyed fixing them up, but then he decided to venture into this business.

“Home and Homestead is meant to be a boutique for real estate and select construction,” he said. “As far as remodeling goes, I would really like to stick to kitchens although if the right commercial project came along, I wouldn’t say no.”

Samp doesn’t have any other employees besides himself. He’s able to complete most of the projects on his own, he said, and if he can’t, he’s been subcontracting out to local companies to help him.

“Right now, I anticipate keeping it that way,” he said. “I find that I can work with the local tradesmen and get the results I want.”

Samp said he kind of stumbled on Fort Dodge as a landing spot for his business. He was looking at Ames originally when he decided to leave Oklahoma. He said he is an avid biker and was looking for a place with a good trail system. When he started to see all that Fort Dodge had to offer for recreation, he decided to relocate here.

“I was driving to Des Moines regularly to go mountain biking. I didn’t realize that Fort Dodge had some of the best trails. I got involved with a mounting biking club here and got connected with the Greater Grown Alliance and I just saw an opportunity for myself here.”

A plethora of information can be found on Samp’s website, www.homeandhomesteadrealty.com. His office number is 515-200-9272.


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