KHI Solutions finds tremendous growth

Insurance agent expanding FD office, branching out

-Messenger photo by Dana Becker
KHI Solutions continues to grow, expanding the Fort Dodge office while adding offices in Manson, Arnolds Park and Rock Valley to go along with one in Johnston.

KHI Solutions remains strongly planted in Fort Dodge at the Kingsgate Center, located on the corner of North 25th Street and Second Avenue North.

That is where it has been since 1999.

However, co-owner Brenda Eckard and her team have outgrown their current arrangements. In fact, they are expanding not just within the Kingsgate Center, but the state of Iowa.

“We are one of the three largest independent agents who sell health insurance in the state,” Eckard said. “We love where we are located, we’ve just outgrown it.”

“We’re remodeling over the summer and expanding into four suites.”

The Fort Dodge location, though, isn’t the only place KHI sets up shop. They also have offices in Manson, Johnston, Arnolds Park and Rock Valley. The Manson, Arnolds Park and Rock Valley offices are the newest for the team.

“We support people all around the state,” Eckard said. “We help agents sell health insurance who might not be primarily a health insurance agent. We support them, help them work through any issues and of course, we are here for anyone that has questions regarding their policies.

“It can be really tricky figuring all of this out, especially with the changes made in health insurance, but we are here to help and make it a little easier on everybody.”

The Manson office was recently created and is beneficial for those over the age of 65 who have trouble traveling to Fort Dodge to meet in-person.

“Having that set up there has been so great,” Eckard said. “We’re training a person right now, which will allow us to expand from being open on select days to five days a week.

“We’ve realized that through COVID, you don’t have to always come in. People are busy, the younger generation would prefer to do a lot of this by Zoom or over the phone, so having more people in more places makes us more versatile.”

The offices in Arnolds Park and Rock Valley came about after a meeting with an area financial advisor.

“He called us and said he wanted to do more investments and not health insurance,” Eckard said. “We ended up buying his block of business and hiring his employees. We gained two employees and a block of business that allows us to serve the people of northwest Iowa that just fell into our lap.

“It really was a win-win situation.”

Eckard has been through it all with KHI, starting in 1993. She purchased the company in 2009 with Lynn Schreder, who works out of the Johnston office.

“All we do is health insurance,” Eckard said. “We focus in on that and only that to better serve the public both locally and throughout the state.

“This community has been so gracious to us and it is exciting to be expanding to reach more people.”

Contact numbers for each of the locations are: Fort Dodge (515-576-1800), Manson (712-973-0379), Johnston (515-505-3111), Arnolds Park (712-332-8361) and Rock Valley (712-476-9655).


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