Caryl snaps memories, moments

Humboldt photographer continues growing her business

-Photo courtesy Brittany Caryl
Humboldt photographer Brittany Caryl is the owner of InSite Creatives. She is a full-service photographer who handles all aspects of the business.

HUMBOLDT — Brittany Caryl admits she stumbled into becoming a professional photographer.

Caryl, who owns and operates InSite Creatives in Humboldt, prides herself on being a full-service photographer.

Over the past decade-plus, she has transitioned from handling the business as a “part-time” gig to her true passion, all while helping create memories to last a lifetime.

“It all just kind of happened by accident,” Caryl said. “I’ve always loved taking photos growing up for fun and I had started taking pictures of my niece and nephew. I would post them on Facebook and friends started asking me to take pictures of their kids, so I did.

“Then winter came and there was still demand so I bought some lights and figured out how to use them and practiced more. I finally got busy enough that I had to make a decision.”

That’s when Caryl left her previous job and plunged head-first into the photography world. That move didn’t come without some early troubles.

“I’m glad I took the leap and chose photography,” she said. “My biggest challenge has always been the business side of things. Learning how much money I need to cover all the bills and expenses and be able to pay myself to make a living. Starting out, I felt like it was all just so much fun that I felt bad charging people.

“After having kids, I realized I either needed to make money doing this or go get a ‘real’ job. I ended up hiring a mentor that walked me through figuring out the money side of things. She built up my confidence and so far I’m still here.

“I love what I do, so it’s always been important for me to get out of my head and just do it. The thought of working for someone else is harder than pushing through my own obstacles.”

Caryl handles everything from newborn and first-year photos to graduating seniors. She also takes family sessions and extended family sessions, headshots for business purposes and even sports photos.

“I’m a full-service photographer, which means I don’t just give you the digital images and you have to figure out what to do with them. I walk you through the whole process and help you decide which images you want for your wall if you want an album or book or cards,” Caryl said. “I have clients send me a photo of their wall and I can lay out a new design of photos for them. It makes it easier to see exactly which photos look best by each other and why an 8-x-10 is never big enough.”

Clients can find everything they need for any sessions with Caryl, who also has ties with many local businesses around the area.

“I would really love to grow the branding images side of my business,” she said of future goals. “I really do love seeing other small businesses push themselves further too. I have dreams and goals, but take them one day at a time, especially because being a mom is still my favorite part.”

More information can be found at insitecreatives.com


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