‘Clean, fresh and exciting’

C&M Apparel opens downtown

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson
Corey Harvey, left, and his wife, Megan Harvey, owners of C&M Apparel, pose at their Fort Dodge shop. The clothing store opened downtown on Nov. 20.

At C&M Apparel, someone could find a heavy duty jacket for work while the person they are with finds that new flashy handbag they have been looking for.

The clothing store, owned by husband and wife Corey and Megan Harvey, is one of the newest additions to Fort Dodge’s booming downtown. The Harveys opened the shop at 123 N. 11th St. on Nov. 20.

Corey Harvey sells men’s workwear and flame resistant clothing. Megan Harvey sells boutique style clothing, women’s, women’s plus size and designer handbags.

The two Dodgers see their business as a way to give back to the community they have called home for their entire lives.

“Fashion, beauty and shopping has been a passion of mine,” Megan Harvey said. “When we got married (In September) we decided we wanted to do something to give back to the community and become part of the community. We opened our own boutique/store. Be able to bring to the women, especially and plus size women, the funner clothes you can find at a decent price.”

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson
Corey Harvey, left, and his wife, Megan Harvey, owners of C&M Apparel, hold up some popular clothing items at their Fort Dodge shop.

Corey Harvey, who also works as electrical supervisor for Winger Companies, wanted to bring more options and competitive prices for work clothes.

“There’s not too many places around here that sell men’s workwear,” he said. “We can beat a lot of those prices.”

Some of the brands available include: Carhart, Rasco and Ariat.

On the women’s side, Michael Kors and Coach are two popular brands available for handbags.

Megan Harvey said plaid items are hot right now.

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson
A variety of boutique products are for sale at C&M Apparel.

“A lot of the plaid items we have because of the season we are in,” she said. “I have a lot of the sweaters and leopard print as well.”

Megan Harvey said all of her clothing items are $40 or less. Leggings sell for as little as $12.

She’s open to bringing in new items that may not be at the store currently.

“If you need something we are more than happy to bring it in,” Megan Harvey said. “If there’s a certain style, if they can’t find it, I’m happy to bring it in and incorporate in the store.”

The bright white walls and yellow lights create an inviting atmosphere at the store, Megan Harvey said.

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson
Handbags like this one made by Coach are popular at the store.

“I really wanted the black and white look and the floors polished,” she said. “When you walk in for it to look clean, fresh and exciting at the same time. The lights on the wall, the purses are hung up. When you walk in you feel that friendly atmosphere. That smell. That look good, feel good. I want them to notice the cute clothes and the pretty pictures on the wall. If you look good you feel good. A good outfit makes a nicer human.”

The couple likes doing business in Fort Dodge.

“Both of us grew up here,” Megan Harvey said. “It’s big enough to have resources but at the same time people know each other and help each other.”

The shop is located between Legacy Realty and First to Last Coat and Blast.

“We like that it’s downtown,” Corey Harvey said. “There’s quite a bit of traffic that comes by.”

They are looking forward to helping grow the downtown.

“We are members of the (Greater Fort Dodge) Growth Alliance and Main Street Merchants,” Megan Harvey said. “We will be helping promote the downtown.”

She appreciates the customers who have already visited and is looking forward to welcoming more.

“We are really grateful for the ones who have come in so far and help us with our dream,” Megan Harvey said. “It means the world to us.”


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