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-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen
From Miry Clay Pottery co-owners Laura and Tyler Sandstrom pose with some of their designs in front of the studio in Dayton. Henry Sandstrom, 8, at left, Felicity Sandstrom, 4 and Aubrey Sandstrom, 11, help out by holding designs of their own. The large vase Tyler is holding is a just finished piece that still needs to be fired and glazed.

Business name: From Miry Clay Pottery

Location: 22 S. Main St., Dayton – The business and family living quarters are in an old bank building.

When was it founded?

The company was founded in 2006 and has been at its current location in Dayton since 2010.

Who are the key leaders?

Co-owners Tyler and Laura Sandstrom.

How many people does it employ?

“Mainly the two of us,” Laura Sandstrom said. “Tyler’s parents are on-call for the shipping and handling of boxes and running the store when we’re at art shows.”

What services and products do you provide?

“We create wheel thrown pottery that’s microwave, dishwasher and food safe that’s also aesthetically pleasant and functional,” Tyler Sandstrom said. “We strive to create aesthetically pleasing and functional vessels that are balanced for a specific purpose. We create over 300 established designs in 14 glaze colors and also create many custom orders throughout the year.”

What are you doing differently to serve customers due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

“We’re only doing curbside since the store is closed to foot traffic,” Tyler Sandstrom said. “We’re still mailing all across the country.”

What is the biggest challenge your business has overcome recently?

“Being a small business is a challenge in itself,” Tyler Sandstrom said. “Balancing business and home life and prioritizing which part of the business I need to work on.”

What is the biggest success your business has experienced recently?

“That we are still open,” Tyler Sandstrom said. “Laura has also been able to be a stay-at-home mom since we had our first child almost 12 years ago. We have wonderful customers locally and throughout the country.”

An interesting fact or two someone might not know?

The old bank vault is still inside the business. The Sandstrom’s three children use it as a play and art creation space.

His first studio was located in an old hog building on the family farm. He spent three years converting the structure into a working studio. He’s also worked a variety of jobs including time as a certified pool operator, maintenance worker, construction laborer and waiter. He says all these jobs have helped him form his current business.

Sandstrom’s designs are always evolving. He’s added pierced pottery, which are art works that can be illuminated with a candle. He also does Raku and Horsehair pottery. He also accepts custom commissions.

Laura Sandstrom also offers a line of hand crocheted items.

A full selection of his work can be seen, and ordered at www.frommiryclaypottery.com


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