-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen
Corinna Clarahan, owner of Cofections by Corinna, shows off some of her creations recently in her home.

One thing that a visitor to Corinna Clarahan’s kitchen won’t find no matter how hard they look is a can of premade frosting.

Clarahan, the owner of Confections by Corinna, makes her own and it’s all made from scratch.

“I decorate with royal icing,” she said. “I do butter cream as well if people want it.”

Royal icing only has three ingredients: water, powdered sugar and meringue powder.

“You pipe it on,” she said. “You let it set for 12 to 24 hours. Once it’s dry you can throw it into a giftbag. It has a soft bite to it.”

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen
Corinna Clarahan, owner of Confections by Clarinna, applies frosting to a cupcake in her home based bakery.

Those popular icings go on a variety of baked goods. She makes cookies, cupcakes, cake pops and a few cakes.

Sugar cookies are a favorite with her customers.

“I make so many different kinds,” she said. “They’re different. I also offer several flavors.”

Vanilla bean and an almond blend are the most popular, she said.

She can make cookies for almost any occasion. One customer ordered cookies shaped like pills to give to the employees of a local pharmacy.

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen
A collection of cupcakes by Confections by Corinna make a virtual Christmas tree of deliciousness and temptation.

“They looked like pills,” she said. “She just wanted to give them pills, she loved their customer service.”

Clarahan also makes a lot of cupcakes.

“I sell more cupcakes than cakes.” she said. “I can make them fancy enough for a wedding.”

Along with her homemade icing and frosting, she also makes her own fondant.

“Homemade tastes better than store-bought,” she said.

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen
A plate of Christmas tree cookies created by Confections by Corinna await a holiday gathering.

For customers who desire it, she’s also able to make vegan goodies and baked goods suitable for those who are gluten sensitive.

There’s also cake pops and various dessert bars.

“I take requests if someone has a special need,” she said.

Cheesecake, unfortunately, is not one of the things she can offer her customers.

“Because of the Cottage Food Laws of Iowa I have to stick with things that don’t have to be refrigerated,” she said. “I can make cheesecake, but I can’t sell it.”

Because of those same laws, she’s not able to deliver. Customers have to pick up their order.

Clarahan has a lifetime of baking experience.

“I started baking when I was pretty young growing up on a farm in Minnesota,” she said. “I’d make cookies when I felt like. I liked baking.”

She first baked for family and friends when her family lived in North Carolina. She moved back to Fort Dodge in June 2017 and worked for the Fort Dodge Hy-Vee store for a while. Ironically, not in the bakery though.

Her shingle went up officially about a year ago.

“In January of 2018 I started my business,” she said. “Here I am.”

Confections by Corinna can be contacted at (612) 597-5532. She can also be reached through her Facebook page.