The tale of two sisters

For sisters Kathi Kolar and Karri George, there has always been a presence of the paranormal that began at a very young age.

“We grew up knowing we had something in our house,” said Kolar. “There was a time outside by a building and we heard a choir of angels. We lived out in the country. There was no music around us. Nothing. But, we absolutely heard that choir of angels.”

It wasn’t until years later, Kolar said when she began watching the growth in popularity of shows such as “Ghost Hunters” did she become intrigued enough by those investigations that she recruited George and their other sister, Bekki Weeda, to join her in the journey of ghost hunting. “We called ourselves the Granny Ghost Hunters,” said George.

The sisters have investigated their own houses, friends’ houses and places in the area that are known to be haunted.

Right away, they said the first thing they do, when they hear or see or experience something is try to debunk it they try to prove it was actually a car, or an animal rather than an entity.

“It’s when you can’t figure out that it’s not obviously something making that noise, lights, you know it’s something else,” said Kolar.

According to Hauntedrooms.com, Tara, or Terror Bridge, has a history that dates back to the 1800s. At one time the bridge was not far from what was known as the town of Tara, west of Fort Dodge.

The bridge was built to allow traffic of all varieties to cross over railroad tracks. There are multiple stories associated with the bridge.

Some say a frustrated farmer’s ghost haunts the area. It is believed he died after cursing the winds.

Other stories claim someone, or something, lives beneath the bridge.

The scariest and most heartbreaking of the stories associated with the bridge involves a woman and her three children.

According to legend, the woman took her kids to the bridge to see the train.

Sadly, she threw the kids onto the tracks one at a time and they were killed by the train. The mother then committed suicide by jumping off the bridge. According to tales associated with the site, if you drive on the bridge you should not stop and you should make sure all of your doors and windows are closed and locked.

If you do not abide by this warning the ghost of the mother will throw you to your death.

Kolar said there is another legend they have heard and actually feel they experienced – a ghost car. The ghost car appears with lights, you can also hear car sounds, feel the bridge rattle, but find out there is nothing there. The Granny Ghost Hunters set out for an expedition of the Tara Bridge several years ago. They set up their recording devices on each end of the bridge with camcorders and other specialized equipment in hand.

George said one of her pieces will tell you what it is detecting. They heard the machine say “smoke.”

“We’re looking, there is nothing, but all of a sudden you can smell some- thing burning, but you couldn’t see it,” said George.

“Was it the power of suggestion? I don’t know, but that smell of smoke was so strong,” said Kolar. “We looked and there was no smoke around, but you could smell it.”

After the group had been there for several hours it appeared there was a car coming right at them.

“But it stopped way before the corner where we parked,” said Kolar.” The headlights were shining at us. It was late in the evening. We couldn’t figure out what the car was doing. We were getting worried. The car was just sitting there. We are out there, on top of the bridge and we have to walk towards the mystery car to get to ours.”

They hurriedly took down their equipment and rushed to their car.

“We get in the car and Bekki is watching and the car just disappears,” said George. “There were no lights. It was just gone.”

Kolar said they had not heard the legend of the ghost car at Tara Bridge prior to that night.

“Had I known, we would have tried to drive by the car,” she said.

In the process of packing up their equipment, George said Weeda called her fiance, Scott, just to tell him they were leaving and there was a car that was concerning them. When they listened to the audio, they could hear Scott’s voice. Not Bekki’s. Does this mean an entity manipulated his voice into the audio devices?

“The audio recorder, the furthest away, didn’t pick up my voice, didn’t pick up Bekki’s voice, but picked up Scott’s,” said George.

Kolar said the mystery behind hearing Scott on the recordings wasn’t the only strange sounds they recorded.

“That was really bizarre,” she said. “But we got some good stuff on the bridge. We heard kids’ voices, we heard some crying or slight screams and they said my name, ‘Kathi Black’ – that was my name at the time. We heard a lot of little things that made you really think.”


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