Bison are gracing Iowa’s landscape once again

VAN METER — Bison are known as the largest hooved mammal in North America. These large animals once used to be a very prominent part of the continent and even throughout Iowa. According to the Polk County Conservation website, the largest concentrations of bison were in northwestern and ...

Four generations of Lankfords gather

Four generations of Lankfords gathered recently. Pictured from the left:Haylie Emery; Bobbi Jo Potts-Harrison, mother; Sharon Lankford-Potts, grandmother; Donna Lankford, great-grandmother.

5 generations of Rogers gather

Five generations of the Rogers family recently gathered. Pictured seated in the front is Ruth Rogers, great-great-grandmother. Standing from the left: M. Bruce Rogers Jr., great-grandfather; Justine Grove Rogers, mother; Kaden Dean Hart, son; and Jonathan Rogers, grandfather.

Four generations of Lewis family gathers

Four generations of the Lewis family recently gathered. Pictured from the left: Mary Lewis, great-grandmother; Jess Lewis, great-grandfather; William Lewis, grandfather; and mother Chelsey Anfinson holding Drew William Anfinson.

Five generations of Bieges gather

Five generations of the Biege family gathered in Fort Dodge recently. Pictured, from left to right, in the front row are: John Biege, great-great grandfather; and Ella Harvey. Back row, from left to right, are: Paige Copenhaver, aunt; Sue Witt, great-grandmother; Callia Witt, mother; Laurie ...

Four generations of Keelers gather

Four generations of Keelers recently gathered. Pictured in the front row from the left: Bob Keeler, great-great-grandfather, Callie Keeler, great-great-grandmother, holding Jaxon Schultz. Back row: Sheila Juncker, great-grandmother, Brian Crotts, grandfather, Ashley Crotts, mother.