Fisher, area girls ready for blue oval

SV sophomore seeking redemption

—Messenger photo by Britt Kudla Southeast Valley’s Katara Jondle (left) and cousin Kiersten Fisher (right) run for the Jaguars.

DES MOINES — Kiersten Fisher was far from pleased with her performance at the Drake Relays earlier this spring.

Now, the Southeast Valley sophomore gets the chance to leave Drake Stadium with better results.

Fisher qualified for the Class 2A state meet in four events. She will be competing in the 100 and 200 prelims on Thursday, the 100 hurdle prelims on Friday, and the high jump final on Friday as well.

“I am so excited to go back to the blue oval,” Fisher said. “After the Drake Relays, I really want to redeem myself.

“For the prelims and finals, I try my best to treat it like any other track meet. I try to not let the nerves get to me and just go out and run for myself and to better myself.”

Fisher had a strong state meet as a ninth-grader, placing second in the 100, third in the 100 hurdles and fifth in the high jump.

“Having experience from last year definitely helps,” Fisher said. “I know what to expect and know how everything goes. Now, it’s just time to go and give it everything I’ve got.”

Humboldt’s Kendal Clark positioned herself in the 3A discus with a record-breaking throw of 132-7 at districts. She will be joined by teammates Carlie Thompson (100), Paige DeWinter (200), Bryce Gidel (3000) and Lily Groat (400 hurdles), along with the 4×100 and distance medley relays that include Jori Hajek, Claire Varangkounh, Kailee Dettman, Mady Lange and Kirstyn Beaman.

South Central Calhoun’s Jade Ridgely is another multi-event qualifier, as the Titan is set to run the 100, 200 and 400 in 2A. Kaylynn Ridgely is qualified in the long jump.

Newell-Fonda set three school relay records this year in the sprint medley, 4×400 and 4×800. Macy Sievers, Emma Stewart, Ella Larsen and Maggie Walker went 1:54.78 at districts in the sprint medley, with Bailey Sievers, Macy Sievers, Olivia Larsen and Walker going 4:13.14 in the 4×400.

Sievers, Megan Morenz, Camryn Wilken and Bailey Sievers finished the 4×800 in 10:16.32. The Mustangs set a new record for events qualified with nine, shattering the previous school mark of six.

Rachel Fehr from West Bend-Mallard boasts one of the top 400 times in 1A a year after placing second in the event at state. The Wolverine sprint medley relay of Kayla Hoskins, Kara Fehr, Isabell Gehrt and Rachel Fehr is also a state contender.


Class 4A

Fort Dodge — Tyler Schreier, 100-meter dash; 4×100-meter relay (Tyler Schreier, Brycen Bell, Sam Daniel, Tysen Kershaw); 4×200-meter relay (Tyler Schreier, Asle Thorson, Brycen Bell, Tysen Kershaw); shuttle hurdle relay (Trey Kasperbauer, Anthony Wagner, Asle Thorson, Lucas Williamson); sprint medley relay (Sam Daniel, Brycen Bell, Tyler Schreier, Tysen Kershaw).

Class 3A

Algona — Sammonte Bawden, 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash; Wyatt Wegener, 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash; Trey Engen, 1600-meter run, 3200-meter run; distance medley (Skyler Groen, Wyatt Wegener, Sammonte Bawden, Trey Engen); sprint medley relay (Skyler Groen, Patrick David, Sammonte Bawden, Wyatt Wegener).

Humboldt — Jamison Heinz, 200-meter dash, long jump; Matt Miller, 400-meter dash; Quinton Orr, 1600-meter run, 3200-meter run; Joseph Kunert, 1600-meter run; Joey Busse, 110-meter hurdles; Justin Jones, shot put; Owen Terwilliger, shot put; 4×100-meter relay (Jamison Heinz, Cale Hundertmark, Tyler Vitzthum, Matt Miller); 4×800-meter relay (Calvin Carlson, Joseph Kunert, Noah Helmer, Eric Wittrock); shuttle hurdle relay (Sawyer Savery, Caden Matson, Joey Busse, Tyler Vitzthum); sprint medley (Tyler Vitzthum, Cale Hundertmark, Jamison Heinz, Matt Miller).

Webster City — Lincoln LaSourd, 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash; Garrett Whitmore, 100-meter dash, 400-meter hurdles; Max Harfst, 800-meter run; Austin Lampman, shot put; 4×100-meter relay (Garrett Whitmore, Trey Mathis, Carson Sturchen, Lincoln LaSourd); 4×200-meter relay (Garrett Whitmore, Carson Struchen, Trey Mathis, Lincoln LaSourd); shuttle hurdle relay (Kasey Porter, Malachi Montes, Kaiyu Levongkhom, Trey Mathis).

Class 2A

South Central Calhoun — Chase McAlister, 800-meter run; Spencer Moon, 800-meter run, 1600-meter run, 3200-meter run; Josh Van Hulzen, 110-meter hurdles; Mason Merkley, 110-meter hurdles, 400-meter hurdles; Cole Corey, 400-meter hurdles, high jump; 4×100-meter relay (Josh Henkenius, Blake McAlister, Josh Van Hulzen, Jared Birks); 4×400-meter realy (Jared Birks, Josh Henkenius, Chase McAlister, Blake McAlister); distance medley (Josh Henkenius, Jared Birks, Chase McAlister, Spencer Moon); shuttle hurdle relay (Mason Merkley, Cole Corey, Ayden Toms, Josh Van Hulzen); sprint medley relay (Mason Merkley, Josh Henkenius, Jared Birks, Chase McAlister).

Pocahontas Area — Christian Davidson, 100-meter dash; Ryan Anderson, 200-meter dash; Cade Henrickson, 400-meter dash; Cooper Christians, 110-meter hurdles; 4×100-meter relay (Christian Davidson, Ryan Anderson, Nathan Aljets, Zach Gathers); 4×400-meter relay (Trey Oehlertz, Mike Vonnahme, Chris Meyer, Cade Henrickson); 4×800-meter relay (Trey Oehlertz, Chris Meyer, Jamison Frerk, Mike Vonnahme).

Southeast Valley — Kyler Fisher, 100-meter dash; Mason Ackerson, discus; 4×100-meter dash (Colton Kamp, Chase Swieter, Kyler Fisher, Nyles Johnson); 4×200-meter relay (Colton Kamp, Nyles Johnson, Kyler Fisher, Chase Swieter); shuttle hurdle relay (Jarrett Loseke, Sam Hanson, Rhett Grandfield, Carter Lane).

Clarion-Goldfield — Isaac Davis, 400-meter dash; Ryan Watne, shot put.

Eagle Grove — DerrickLee Harms, 400-meter dash.

Emmetsburg — Zach Foxhoven, 200-meter dash, high jump; Nick Schany, shot put.

Class 1A

St. Edmond — Kase Baker, 200-meter dash; Charlie Shelly, 400-meter dash; Andrew Gibb, 800-meter run; 4×100-meter relay (Charlie Shelly, Sean Flattery, Sean Newell, Kase Baker); 4×200-meter relay (Cael Kolacia, Nick Bennett, Sean Flattery, Sean Newell); 4×400-meter relay (Andrew Gibb, Sean Newell, Sean Flattery, Charlie Shelly); distance medley (Cael Kolacia, Nick Bennett, Jackson Bemrich, Andrew Gibb); sprint medley relay (Sean Newell, Kase Baker, Sean Flattery, Charlie Shelly).

Manson Northwest Webster — 4×400-meter relay (Brian Pearson, Lucas Walsh, Carson Collins, Ben Quade); distance medley relay (Brian Pearson, Austin Anliker, Ben Quade, Carson Collins); shuttle hurdle relay (Lucas Walsh, Brian Pearson, Dayton Snell, Ben Quade).

Bishop Garrigan — John Meis, 1600-meter run; T.J. Schnurr, shot put; Alex Mammen, shot put; 4×400-meter relay (Brad Capesius, Tristan Ferguson, John Capesius, John Meis); 4×800-meter relay (John Meis, Tristan Ferguson, Brad Capesius, Joseph Meis); distance medley relay (John Capesius, Brad Capesius, Sam Vaske, John Meis).

Newell-Fonda — Edwin Rosas, 200-meter dash, 400-meter dash; R.J. Rojas, shot put.

North Union — Brendan Anderson, 200-meter dash.


Class 4A

Fort Dodge — Kacee Gollob, shot put.

Class 3A

Algona — Alexa Chase, 100-meter dash; Radaisyia Thomas, 200-meter dash; Dionna VanGorkem, 400-meter dash; Abigail Holmes, 100-meter hurdles; Kameryn Etherington, discus, shot put; 4×100-meter relay (Radaisyia Thomas, Alexa Chase, Abby Groen, Sydney Hoover); 4×200-meter relay (Radaisyia Thomas, Alexas Chase, Abby Groen, Sydney Hoover).

Humboldt — Carlie Thompson, 100-meter dash; Paige DeWinter, 200-meter dash; Bryce Gidel, 3000-meter run; Lily Groat, 400-meter hurdles; Kendal Clark, discus; 4×100-meter dash (Jori Hajek, Claire Varangkounh, Kailee Dettmann, Lily Groat); distance medley relay (Mady Lange, Claire Varangkounh, Kirstyn Beaman, Bryce Gidel).

Webster City — Ashlyn Hay, long jump.

Class 2A

Southeast Valley — Kiersten Fisher, 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash, 100-meter hurdles, high jump.

Emmetsburg — Hailey Foxhoven, 100-meter hurdles; Molly Schany, discus; Annie Brennan, shot put; Joyce Delaney, 400-meter hurdles; 4×100-meter relay (Ali Laubenthal, Lindsay Carter, Brielle Madden, Hailey Foxhoven); 4×400-meter relay (Delaney Joyce, Raven Brown, Abbie Schany, Taylor Steinkamp); shuttle hurdle relay (Ali Laubenthal, Lindsay Carter, Brielle Madden, Hailey Foxhoven); sprint medley relay (Jenna Joyce, Abbie Schany, Taylor Steinkamp, Joyce Delaney); distance medley (Joyce Delaney, Hailey Foxhoven, Abbie Schany, Taylor Steinkamp).

Pocahontas Area — Jessica Sump, 100-meter hurdles, long jump; Kaylee Shivers, high jump; 4×100-meter relay (Puritie Smith, Kaylee Shivers, Sarah Powers, Jessica Sump); 4×200-meter relay (Jessica Sump, Kaylee Shivers, Puritie Smith, Sarah Powers).

South Central Calhoun — Jade Ridgely, 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash, 400-meter dash; Kaylynn Ridgely, long jump.

Clarion-Goldfield-Dows — Courtney Harle, 100-meter dash; Kendall Leinenmann, 400-meter hurdles; 4×400-meter relay (Kendall Leinemann, Courtney Harle, Vanessa Kolb, Raven Kinnetz).

Class 1A

St. Edmond — Abby Landwehr, 1500-meter run, 3000-meter run; 4×800-meter relay (Caroline Shelly, Emma Alstott, Abby Landwehr, Aubrey Bemrich); distance medley relay (Caroline Shelly, Gracie Harvey, Avery Galles, Aubrey Bemrich).

Newell-Fonda — Maggie Walker, 200-meter dash; Bailey Sievers, 800-meter run; Olivia Larsen, 100-meter hurdles, 400-meter hurdles; Ella Larsen, 400-meter hurdles; 4×400-meter relay (Bailey Sievers, Macy Sievers, Olivia Larsen, Maggie Walker); 4×800-meter relay (Macy Sievers, Megan Morenz, Camryn Wilken, Bailey Sievers); sprint medley relay (Macy Sievers, Emma Stewart, Ella Larsen, Maggie Walker); distance medley (Macy Sievers, Emma Stewart, Maggie Walker, Bailey Sievers).

Manson Northwest Webster — Bailey Kenyon, 400-meter dash; Madalyn Moline, 3000-meter run; Lexi Wood, shot put; 4×800-meter relay (Chloe Troshynski, Sophie Herzberg, Paige Condon, Bailey Kenyon).

West Bend-Mallard — Rachel Fehr, 400-meter dash, 800-meter run; 4×400-meter relay (Briley Banwart, Monika Fehr, Isabell Gehrt, Rachel Fehr); sprint medley relay (Kayla Hoskins, Kara Fehr, Isabell Gehrt, Rachel Fehr).

Bishop Garrigan — Laurel Degen, 400-meter dash; shuttle hurdle relay (Gracie Rosenmeyer, Reese Rosenmeyer, Laurel Degen, Emma Grandgenett); 4×400-meter relay (Laurel Degen, Katie Noonan, Maddie Meister, Gracie Elsbecker); 4×800-meter relay (Katie Noonan, Emma Fogarty, Madelyn Cink, Maddie Meister).

North Union — Hope Steinberger, high jump; distance medley (Cassie Beadle, Vanessa Von Bank, Lily Henderson, Hope Steinberger).

–Compiled by Chris Johnson


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