Reviews the president’s legal team

To the editor:

For those of you who may have missed it, I would like to present a review of a new live television show I watched a few days ago. It was titled, “The President’s Legal Team Briefing.”

The script could have been written in collaboration by Stephen King, Mary Shelly and Mel Brooks. It had mysterious happenings, horror and slap stick comedy.

The show begins with the president’s personal attorney, a disheveled guy named Rudy. Rudy states he holds signed affidavits that prove there were massive amounts of fraud committed in the 2020 election. He has many witnesses who have seen ballots appearing from unknown sources, ballots signed by dead people, ballots marked after election day, that through some time warp, were dated prior to election day. He has witnesses who saw hundreds of thousands of ballots being disgorged from unmarked trucks at polling sites, and yet with with all this evidence the courts will not give him a hearing. Oh the carnage!

At this time Rudy appears agitated, and frustrated. His eyes are glazed and he is constantly wiping his face and calling for more towels. He now appears exhausted and signals for a replacement. His replacement is attorney Sidney. She is a tall lady and apparently an expert in computer reincarnation. She tells us about the creation of monster-like computers with the intelligence to change votes from one candidate to another. The votes are then sent to a foreign country to be counted. The results are then relayed to the polling places in the United States. Of course, all the ballots now favor the president’s opponent.

Attorney Sidney also tells us that the countries of Venezuela, China and Cuba are involved in our elections and that Chavez and Castro contributed their expertise. She calls out that something must be done to stop this madness!

At this time my mind began to envision Genghis Khan and his hordes riding across the states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, distributing the monster computers. Then out of a more distant past, I see Hannibal aboard his favorite elephant, GOP. They are attempting to destroy the computers. Oh the excitement!

My attention returns in time to watch the closing act. Rudy has recovered, somewhat, and is performing his famous meltdown. It reminded me of the time I pushed my T-28 trainer beyond its limits.

When I landed, my crew chief was not happy about the oil stains on each side of the fuselage.

I think Rudy must have pushed himself beyond his limits also, at the end he was leaking oil down both sides of his fuselage.

What a show. What an ending. Can’t wait for the next episode.

Joseph Jackson

Fort Dodge


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