Supports Clayton for Iowa House

To the editor:

Voters in Fort Dodge and Webster County have an opportunity to upgrade the quality of our representation in the Iowa House of Representatives, presuming we want to elect a representative who actually will represent all of the people of District 9, and not just the few who can take advantage of fat tax breaks for the wealthy, who want public money to go to vouchers for private schools and numerous other exclusionary policies that favor money over regular people. Our current representative just doesn’t represent us effectively.

That’s only one reason why I am proud to support Charles Clayton for State Representative in House District 9.

Here are some other good reasons.

Charles is a graduate of Iowa Central and Buena Vista University. His degree in human services gives him the expertise to fight for proper funding and policies regarding health care, education, and rural poverty in the Legislature.

Charles has done more for the at-risk children of Fort Dodge than possibly any other single person outside of the school system. As the founder of Athletics for Education and Success, he has been proactive, dependable and quick to offer help where it is needed.

Charles is a community leader. He stepped up to save Frontier Days successfully when the event was all but dead, for example.

Charles is respected in the business community, and cares about the economic well being of our local businesses and the overall economic success of all residents.

Charles will stand out in the legislature as a hard worker who will listen and then act decisively for the best policies for the whole state.

It’s beyond time for new leadership in Des Moines.

Please join me on Nov. 3 in voting for Charles Clayton for state representative, District 9.

Dave Hearn

Fort Dodge


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