Endorses Ann Meyer

To the editor:

I’m am writing to urge fellow voters to join me in supporting Rep. Ann Meyer, the hard working, bipartisan, positive choice for House District 9. At the recent forum, Ann and her opponent both pledged to run positive campaigns. The very next day mailers began arriving in mailboxes, including mine, from her opponent with attacks, misinformation and downright lies. This isn’t what we’re about in Fort Dodge and Webster County.

Ann has worked hard and across party lines, in her first term in the Iowa House to get things accomplished with the goal being “does it help and is it good for the people of District 9”. One example of this is expanded access to mental health services for students,

Ann’s opponent claims to fight. But the only fighting we see from him are the constant attacks, false claims and lies directed at Rep Meyer and her bipartisan work on behalf of the good people of Fort Dodge and Webster County.

We don’t need this negativity. We need someone who is positive, hard working, willing to work with all sides and most importantly loves our community and all of its good people. We need to keep Ann Meyer as our state Representative.

So please join me, for a positive Webster County, and vote Ann Meyer for House District 9.

Natalie Dunn

Fort Dodge


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