Road workers deserve our respect

Slow down to help those who give us smooth streets

There’s still snow on the ground and patches of ice scattered about, but the folks who fix our roads are starting their yearly efforts.

In Fort Dodge, we have already seen the Public Works Department crews filling the potholes that erupted in city streets during the brutal winter weather. What is perhaps the year’s biggest project, the repairs to Veterans Bridge on First Avenue South, is geting underway. A major street reconstruction job at North 21st Street and 2 1/2 Avenue North will soon start.

In the coming days and weeks, more projects will begin on city, county and state roads. Barricades and orange barrels will again be a common sight.

All this work will yield smooth roads that will help everyone get where they are going safely and efficiently.

No one likes having to slow down and seemingly crawl through work zones. Drivers should slow down – and must slow down – to protect the workers who are making it possible for us to have nice roads.

Road construction is tough work to begin with, and it’s tougher when traffic is going by at high speeds just feet or even inches away.

Remember that all those workers out there are somebody’s son, somebody’s daughter. They are our friends, neighbors and relatives who deserve our respect. Give them that respect by slowing down. And while you’re at it, put the phone down.

If basic respect and compassion aren’t enough to get your foot off the accelerator, think of the penalties for speeding in a work zone. Fines are doubled. Law enforcement officers will have absolutely no hesitation when it comes to issuing tickets with hefty fines to anyone they catch zooming through a work zone.

If everyone slows down, puts away their electronic gizmos and concentrates on the road, road workers and drivers alike will have a safe construction season.


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