Police investigate apartment incident

Fort Dodge police are working to identify suspects after a man in the 300 block of Avenue M West claimed he was assaulted and robbed Thursday morning.

Officers were dispatched to Avenue M West around 10:15 a.m. to respond to the report at Westridge Townhomes.

“It was evident that the male (victim) has been injured in some fashion,” said Capt. Ryan Gruenberg, public information officer.

Officers were subsequently able to identify the incident’s alleged location and spoke with several people inside of the apartment building who could have been present based on information given.

Police say it’s unclear what exactly occurred at this point, as a number of people in the area they spoke to did not indicate seeing or hearing anything.

“We are exploring all avenues at this time and the classification of robbery is solely based on the victim’s provided information,” Gruenberg said.

Anyone with information on the incident can contact the FDPD at 573-2323. Anonymous tippers can contact Webster County Crime Stoppers via phone at 1-800-542-9702 or by texting “LEC” and the tip to 274637.


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