Iowa Attorney General Bird takes EPA to court again

New cold case unit is also planned

After successfully helping to push the Environmental Protection Agency to allow expanded use of the E15 ethanol blend, Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird has filed a series of new lawsuits against the federal government.

The EPA is again one of her targets. She is also one of 22 state attorneys general who are suing the administration of President Joe Biden over its interpretation of a federal law, commonly called Title Ix that provides girls and women equal opportunities in athletics.

“The Biden Administration has turned Title IX on its head,” she said.

Bird talked briefly about the lawsuits Wednesday during a visit to Decker Truck Line Inc. in Fort Dodge. While there, she toured the facility and learned about some of the sophisticated cargo theft operations the trucking industry must be protected against.

Last year Bird sued the EPA to get it to act on a waiver request that would allow the sale of E15 ethanol this summer. The EPA agreed to do that early this month.

One of the latest lawsuits Bird has filed in federal court in Washington, D.C., seeks to overturn a mandate from California which would require over the road trucks to be electric.

A second lawsuit against the EPA seeks to stop it from redirecting credits intended for renewable fuels and instead allocating them for electric vehicles.

“We’re suing them because the law does not allow them to do that,” Bird said.

The law known as Title IX was implemented some 50 years ago to ensure that women and girls have a chance to participate in school and college sports. According to Bird, the Biden Administration is now interpreting that law to mandate that males who identify as females should be allowed to use women’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

“It really hurts the privacy and safety of girls and women,” Bird said.

She said the lawsuit asks the court to order the administration to “follow the actual law.”

Bird said she is waiting for Gov. Kim Reynolds to sign a budget bill that will give the Attorney General’s Office the money to create a new cold case unit. She said that unit will consist of one prosecutor and three investigators who would dig into the more than 400 unsolved homicides in the state.

Bird defined a cold case as one in which leads have stopped coming in.

She said the new unit will partner with local law enforcement agencies to provide a fresh look at those cases.

“No one should get away with murder in Iowa,” she said. “We will never give up on getting justice for those who have been murdered.”


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