Collecting hobby turns into business venture

New shop set to open downtown

-Messenger photo by John McBride
Lane Leisher will be opening The Card Collective Hobby Shop in Fort Dodge on Oct. 21. It’s located at 700 Central Ave.

Lane Leisher has been collecting sports memorabilia for as long as he can remember, he says. That passion has now turned into a new business venture.

After moving to Fort Dodge from Oklahoma recently, Leisher decided to open up a card and collectable shop. He is launching his new store, The Card Collective Hobby Shop, on Oct. 21.

The shop is located at 700 Central Ave. That’s the former home of Wicker Jewelers, a long-time jewelry and watch shop that recently closed.

“I’ve been collecting most of my life,” Leisher said. “It’s always kind of been a dream of mine to open a store.”

Leisher works for Koch Fertilizer and was transferred from Enid, Oklahoma., to Fort Dodge six months ago. When he and his family arrived, he began looking for a place to open his hobby shop.

-Submitted photo Card box sets are a main item available at The Card Collective Hobby Shop in Fort Dodge. Pokemon cards will also be sold in the store.

It worked out well, he said, that the former Wicker store was vacant.

“We were actually looking at some space next door in the loft upstairs,” he said. “Someone had mentioned that Wicker Jewelers were closing. We looked at it on the internet and it looked perfect.”

Inside the store, Leisher has converted all of the jewelry cases into display cases for his card sets, helmets, jerseys and other memorabilia he’s collected and purchased over several years.

“I buy from other people and at other shows. I also have some distributors as well,” he said. “It’s going to be different, though, because I’m not used to selling. I was always just buying.”

Leisher said he plans to keep attending the different card and memorabilia shows around the area, including the ones that occur every month in Fort Dodge.

-Messenger photo by John McBride
Items of all kinds are available for purchase at the card shop, including several Wheaties boxes. Owner Lane Leisher says he has countless Wheaties boxes available.

The Card Collective Hobby Shop will specialize in card sets, which Lesher said are very popular and also very hard to get. He said most card sets get bought out as soon as they are released.

He also said he’s been contacted by other collectors looking to sell items they’ve collected, but they are ready to part with.

“Most of my messages have been from people who have card sets and other things in their basements that they want to get rid of,” he said. “Most of everything in here right now is my personal collection. I haven’t bought from anyone local yet.”

Leisher said the store will also offer a consignment area where collectors can sell their own items as well.

“I just hope the community really embraces it,” Leisher said. “I would love to see the younger generation get involved. That’s the only way this hobby survives. Without kids collecting, it’s going to die.”

-Messenger photo by John McBride
This Tampa Bay Buccaneers helmet, autographed by Tom Brady, is part of the huge Tom Brady collection at the card shop.

Leisher said he’s talked to several residents who have fond memories of the past hobby shops around town. He’s also researched the history of downtown Fort Dodge and his building, and has been impressed by all of it.

“It’s kind of cool. I am hoping to get a few pictures up from the history down here,” he said.

He also said he’s talked to a lot of people who have fond memories of Wicker Jewelers, including a few who have asked about watch repair. He joked that he may have to add watch batteries to his collection.

Leisher has one large collection of Tom Brady items, including a signed Tampa Bay Buccaneers helmet. He also has several signed Tom Brady cards on display.

He also has a large collection of Pokemon cards, which he said are still popular, along with an extensive supply of card sets.

The store hours are noon to 6 p.m. Wednesday to Friday, noon to 7 p.m. on Saturday and noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday. The store is closed on Monday and Tuesdays.

Leisher said anyone wishing to have him look at their collection can call the store at 405-318-9573.

Leisher and his wife, Destinee, have one son, Lennox, who are both helping at the store.

Collectors can also check out the store’s website at www.cardcollectiveshop.com. You can also follow the store on Facebook by searching for The Card Collective Hobby Shop.


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