‘We are here for the community’

Creek Side at Lizard Creek Ranch brings together family, food, fun

-Messenger photo by Britt Kudla
Jamie Christian, left, and Billie Weers sit at the bar at Creek Side at Lizard Creek Ranch.

Located just outside of Fort Dodge, Lizard Creek Ranch is home to Creek Side, a modern dining establishment that comes loaded with more than just food and drink.

Offering everything from appetizers to flatbreads to several dinner plates, Creek Side prides itself on being family-friendly, says general manager and co-owner Billie Weers.

“We are always looking for fun things to add,” Weers said. “We have s’mores kits that people can buy and use at the fire pits when the weather permits. They include everything needed to have s’mores around the campfire. We will continue to have bands, and when the weather warms back up, we will have our outside concerts again.

“We invite ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles and anything else. We are also planning on setting up something for people that come on horseback. If people give us a suggestion, we will see what we can do.

“We are here for the community. We want to be a place where people can go and tell their friends how awesome of a place it is. We have worked so hard this first year and want to continue to serve our community for years to come.”

-Messenger photo by Britt Kudla
Creek Side Restaurant Manager Jamie Christian, left, and General Manager Billie Weers stand by a pool table at Creek Side at Lizard Creek Ranch.

Jamie Christian is the restaurant manager and has a daily hands-on role like Weers.

“I have worked here since the beginning,” Weers said. “Jamie attends to the day-to-day work details and I oversee a lot of the operations and ordering, while Jamie handles the operations of the front end/bar. I do more of the paperwork and she is there as the bartender/server. I also fill in when there is a need in the kitchen for cooking or in the front for servers.

“I have also done a lot with the catering side and catering of small events that are held at Lizard Creek Ranch.”

Like many places, Creek Side has been hit hard by a lack of staff.

“Currently, we have about 16 people working for us,” Weers said. “We are always looking for kitchen help that is reliable. We could use more servers, too. We look for people that are reliable and want to work and can get along well with others.

“We are a family at Creek Side. We teach the right person what they need to know so experience is nice, but it doesn’t mean you won’t get a job.”

Along with live entertainment, MOJO Productions will be holding a karaoke/DJ party on Jan. 28 and an ’80s prom is scheduled for Feb. 18 at Timber Creek Hall at Lizard Creek Ranch. There is also weekly DJ bingo on Thursdays that is free with prizes handed out.

“We are very family-friendly,” Weers said. “We have the playground outside and we have large tables that seat 8-to-10 people. We are always having specials and always have new foods that we are trying out.

“We have a smothered chicken sandwich that is so delicious. We haven’t added it to the menu, but if you ask for it, we will get it for you. Anything that has been a special is usually available.

“Our taco flatbread is another popular choice and so delicious. It’s my personal favorite. We are very casual so you can come as you are and kids can be kids.”

Creek Side, located at 1762 Johnson Ave., is open 4 p.m.-10 p.m. Tuesday-Friday and 11 a.m.-11 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.


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