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Justin Faiferlick, owner of Faiferlick Martial Arts and Fitness, poses earlier this year with a six-foot-tall trophy he won in a 1993 taekwondo competition and several other medals he’s earned throughout his time in martial arts.

What is the name of your business? Faiferlick Martial Arts

Where it is located? 567 S. 25th St.

When was it founded? January 2013

Who are the key leaders? Justin Faiferlick, Deann Faiferlick, Kelsey Felch, Michael Faiferlick, Jeff Cibert, Andrew Birzer, Brian Walsh, Steven Merrill

How many people does it employ? 8

What products and services do you provide?

We teach self defense and a large variety of martial arts along with character development to have a positive impact in our community. Our mission at Faiferlick Martial Arts is to make our students more successful in life through the practice of martial arts. We do this by teaching our martial arts as a complete discipline of the mind, body and spirit. In addition to developing physical defense, our team encourages the formation of high personal standards and respect for fellow men and women. Through our practice and teaching, we strive to produce individuals who are positive, respected and contributing members of society.

What are you doing differently to serve customers during the pandemic?

Keeping everyone healthy. Social distnancing. Deep sanitization between each class. Less partner drills and more solo drills. Inviting their family to particpate as partners.

What is the biggest challenge your business has overcome recently?

Adapting teaching methods and classes due to COVID to continue to provide the same excellent value to our students.

What is the biggest success your business has experienced recently?

In August 2020, we have added ongoing twice per week classes of our certified Women Empowered Self Defense classes. We teach how to neutralize the most common attacks. And beyond the physical techniques, Women Empowered also reinforces awareness principles, risk assessment, and verbal and psychological strategies a woman can use to set safe boundaries with others. At the core of this mindset is the belief that we are worth defending.


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